• Kng


  • JustMyOpinion

    “Boy from the hood but I got White House clearance.”

    *ugly face* Jay killed this. They done pissed Jay off. Ugh.

  • hovvvvvvv no.1

    damn he had chief keef in his lyrics!!!!!!!!!

  • Pifflighty

    Ughhh (screw face) Talk yo shit #HOV!!!!!!!

  • Yup !

    5 AM in Toronto >>>> Open Letter

    Ha !

  • JustMyOpinion

    They done brought HOV out.

  • milwaukee Q

    Hov run this rap shit.

  • son


  • StarFox64

    i was enjoyin it chillin until swizz had to start fuckin that up..

  • GOAT

    The Greatest is Back!!!!

  • Blueprint 2 flow

  • It’s the roc

    Jay turns everything into a moment. Not his best stuff technically but somehow it always ends up being sparks. “distort hiss story”. The little things that still make jay a cut above.

  • You gettin’ too much bread they try to jam ya…

  • mac DIESEL




  • Tbones

    Would have brought the Nets to Brookyln for free,/ except I made millions off of you f-cking dweebs/I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seats”

    Watch these stans that live vicariously through Jay get all wet over the above repitative, unoriginal superficial lyrics. SMH

  • Ramel

    Better than his last several performances, and that beat is raw. It’s aight

  • watch my move$

    ctfu lmao @ ^

    this shit fye
    stay on it

  • watch my move$

    tears @ mac diesel

  • DMVinyourchick

    Wasn’t one of his strongest songs if u ask me.. It was pretty average

  • Tbones

    Getting too much bread, they tryna jam ya. Chief Keef wldnt come up with such basic lyrics.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiiicccee !!!! That dude S. Carter is back.

  • Internet Troller

    @ MacDiesel aka @JaywanInc we see you funboy..stop stalking MMG & RR.. you weirdo. How many times you gonna post under a different alias..don’t nobody want your wack ass beats whiteboy

  • teejay

    It’s not like he’s putting this song on an album, the song serves it’s purpose very well. I like it.

  • It’s the roc


    You don’t gotta like jay, but you should know how to listen. I think jay has definitely declined since his old days, but if those are the lines you picked out of this song, it’s your fault that it’s subpar, not jay’s. You don’t know how to listen, it’s above your pay grade.

  • Pardonmyswag

    It’s always a good time when some new Hov dropped. Regardless…. Nigga be shakin up the world with a few bars.

  • Josua

    this is the Jay I Like the old Flo tell them Jay

  • the remote

    Jay watch that shit from yeezys old tv

  • yo

    anybody who says this is average doesnt get it. this is way bigger than rap and he killed it.

  • king

    @tbones thats the line you pick out . out of all the others thats just fucking hate. now people lets be real what do you want jay do. never in history of rap have we had such a rapper.we have dudes comming out now that are 22 that cant keep up to dude. you know what we goin do we are goin to wait till he aint here then we would appreciate same shit yall did micheal jackson. yall did the same thing to jesus killed him and loved after he died.

  • Bawse

    Good track. But that Richard Mille watch is too sick..

  • Willie Beeman

    Jov just came back from Cuba. And already gonna have this spinnin non stop. Only he can do this. Ain’t even worth mentioning none of those younger rappers y’all haters like to throw around. Y’all gon learn today. But some yous clowns ain’t capable of learning.

  • mike


  • IIG

    Dope as shit. Can I get a new album my nigga?

  • Izzy_Ballin

    “I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seats” the sad thing is people will believe this. Net profit from Jay-Z’s shares of the Nets =$365,000. Cost of Blue Ivy’s Nursery at Barclays $1 mill. Total net loss $635,000. Bruce Ratner and Mikhail Prokhorov unrealized gain=$200 Millon from the Nets move to Brooklyn. This dude Jay is a 21st Century sharecropper.

  • blackJew

    ROC nation can’t wait for this dude to drop –

  • michelle michelle

    If you wanna know what Jay thinks, listen to his music. Forget interviews, twitter, rants, it’s always in the music.

  • Ricflair

    Niggas ain’t fucking with jay lets be real

  • king

    @izzy_ballin. you jay accountant???? lets talk about how much you got. how much your child crib is.

  • PistolPistol

    So Mr. friendly face decides to do some shit talking and everybody thinks it’s great

  • zeee

    Was that uncle murder in the back on the libs under swizz. ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya? track is fire.

  • Donn

    Jay ain’t ranting on twitter, giving u release dates, doing promotion, he just surprises niggas and shuts the net down.

    Dude did so many double entendres it’s gon fly over niggas heads

  • TecOneNyc

    Was liking the song until Swizz fucked it up. Respect the guys legacy behind the board but he’s been inconsistent for the last 7-8 years. His beats are all predictable and he just shouts ”Swizzy!”

  • E!

    yo, some of you dudes is professional haters. Y’all need to be in the hall of fame. If his lyrics are average or superficial – welcome to the world of rap music. There ain’t a rapper out there who ain’t superficial. The music was built on it. Go do your history.

    “You an idiot, baby, you should become a student, oh you gon’ learn today.”

  • BKLYN44

    HOVA!Still better than these youngns..Drake and Weezy better?????GTFOH!Those 2 can’t carry Jays speakers…Please….

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  • Damien

    @Izzy_Ballin Having a share of the Nets and having a share of the Barclay’s Center are too different things. Jay doesn’t have to give up his share of the Barclay’s Center and based on this song, he doesn’t plan to either.

  • Evil

    Average song,nothing special.I expect more from Jay.

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Its not about having a share of Barclays, its saying I own the building when in reality he owns 1/15th of 1% of the building. In addition I was pointing out facts not hyperbolic rhymes the concludes with Jay coming up at a loss while The real owners made $200 Mill off of his name. Thats not something that should be respectd.

  • Steff

    “This communist is so confusing, When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using”

    “Yall gone learn today….:


  • Damien

    @Izzy_Ballin I wouldn’t be so sure that he came out with loss. After all, he opened Barclay’s with 8 straight concerts. We don’t know what he made there. Then there are the intangible benefits of being associated with the Nets that surely are going to attract more athletes. Don’t get me wrong, the Nets benefited A LOT off of Jay. I’m just not one to question the business savvy of someone who is worth close to a half billion dollars.

  • “I might buy a kilo for chief keef.” Shit is nice and overrated as usual

  • Areawoman

    Boy needs to take his money and get eduMacated. There’s more going on in the world than you and wifey’s egos. How down to that.

  • Black Shady

    It was aight…..need more heat from Hov

  • Swag king cole

    I feel like some of these professional haters don’t get any pussy. Niggas come to rap radar and start hating on other niggas success. Did you haters even brush your teeth yet?

  • tonyblunt

    Steff says:

    Thursday, April 11 2013 at 9:27 AM EST

    “This communist is so confusing, When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using”

    LOL thread…..

  • Tbones

    @King and @its the Roc, keep being a sheep and keep believing Jays Hyperbolic and Tired rhymes, we all know you live vicariously through him hence your happiness. By the way, what are the other thought provoking/dope lyrics on the track?

    @Donn, u mean double entendres like I got so much bread, niggas wanna jam you? lol. These fuck boys with small brains actually think Chief Keef like lyrics like that would fly over anybody’s head.

    @Steff, Nothing confusing about the communist. I bet Jays mic cld have been made in America, Budweiser, Pun inteneded.

  • Tbones

    @Areawoman, so people just need to constantly validate themselves, its obvious Jays way his by validating himself through money and his stans that live vicariously through him trot after him.

  • skinny


  • reck

    niggas not fuckin wit hov

  • Nickey Black

    Dope song. Idiots need to learn

    Talk to em Jay

    Sign Loaded Lux

  • name*

    Hov ain’t playing y’all. He might get back to that RD shit. Alotta politicians are in trouble.

  • IDK

    listen to the lyrics again. he mentions the nets. he mentions cuba but he really is not saying anything of substance especially regarding the cuba situation. he’s not coming for anybody’s head with this hyped up, watered down song. come again.

  • 7figures

    this nigga do it wit so much finesse…. grown man bars…updated now topics… i agree blue 2 flow

  • IDK

    sounds to me like niggas was high and simply said fuck it.

  • Pretstar

    That Nigga Xcuse Me Black Man went To Havanna Pockets Bulky In The Pic The Dude Is The King*****He Know It You Know & I Know It…The Nerds Online be hating on jigga & even Big i Just shake my Head Like That’s KRAZY JAY-Z BEEN HOT SINCE 96 B4 I GOT DIP TO GRENADA…To Make a Long story short it’s no need to read your Hating ass Comments This Dude Literally Owns Hip-Hop without JAY-Z’S Voice There is no more Hip-Hop…They Killed Big The Best & 2pAC The second Best Lyrically & Jay-z was Going Hard @ The Time Pac Mentioned him in Many Records so he was Relevant On The Street Credibility…JAY-Z WAS LEFT TO BE THE GREATEST HE HAS OUTDONE EVERYONE AS FAR AS WORK, 2PAC HAS ALOT OF WORK HE BEEN IN THE GAME LONGER BUT jIGGA HAS OUTDONE ALL COMPETITION AND COMPLETED FULFILL A CAREER WHERE HE IS THE KING…yOU GOT THE CROWN NIGGA SINCE 97 I KNOW I WAS THEIR

  • mcphly

    People appreciate when someone come from nothing and constantly making something. Yet, people will support those rapping about trapping and constantly getting locked up in real life. That’s hustling backwards.

  • Mister B

    5 AM in Toronto bangs much harder than this. The beat’s pretty bad and the bars are nothin special

  • miguel

    “distort history” hahaha you trying to kick knowledge NOW Jay? Save that for Nas, the GOAT MC.

  • brandonpitts

    Damn Jay still got it.

  • IDK

    are yall talking about this one song or his full body of work? no question he is one of the greatest but this song is not.

  • Ivy Jay

    Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore hov. The problem with some rap fans is they take this rap shit too seriously, i dont listen to rap to educate myself, i listen to it to entertain me, i dont look to it to change the things i dsilike in the world, I tailor my life to effect those changes.

  • Phil_

    It’s hard to contain a beast! A legend resurrected, when ever given a beat. You goofs cry Illuminati, this a God sent flow. A craft, beyond perfected, y’all should all scream HOV!~phiL

  • WaveTheGreat

    Niggas wake up on my dick, go eat some breakfast first

    Fuck rich lets get wealthy who else gon feed we..if I need it..ima get it however, god help me

    Is this what success is all about..a bunch of niggas acting like bitches with big mouths

    I put on for my city that’s a mother fucking fact

    On to the next one

    Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it, I’m influenced by the ghetto you ruined, the same dude you gave nothing., I made something

  • TJP17

    We need a new album Jay….

  • king

    Izzy_ballin you must be black only balck men do that shit. it dont matter how much he owns> the point is HE OWNS. comming from where he came to own something like that. HE OWNS. some dudes ait even own their house

  • king

    @prestar your a grenadian?

  • Dang

    I know it was subtle we’ll not really HOV just sent a full round at WEEZY F that idiot line and the zoolander one

  • LOL

    mediocre, not buying into the hype.

  • king

    @tbones all songs are not just about being super lyrical are you dumb. name your most super lyrical mcs and ill show you how none of them are not as popular as pac dude my grandmother knows about pac. its not always about what you say but how you say it. all the other rappers u listen talk about shit they never done they never seen. but i know how yall move any time an artists gets to bid yall shoot em down. first they love then they hate you and then they love you again. thats American for you. yall did it to Jackson yall are doing it to chris brown (i gurantee his new album would sell) thats what yall like root for the underdog but as soon as they get to big yall hate them then when they get to much hate yall are like leave em alone look at what yall are doing wayne. yall hate to see rappers get to big, yall fucks want them remain underground. i want all my mcs make it big

  • slick

    what other rapper would we have 80 posts about this quick simply by putting out new music? nobody on that 10 hottest mcs list that’s for sure

  • FTW

    Hov said fuck it I’m going in.

  • king

    like really what is hov doing to get so much hate, the dude something we would all love to do. we would all love to have that money. i never hear white people hating on em not fucking one. BLACK PEOPLE ARE CRABS IN BARREL. yall hate on any nigga that got more money than you. how the fuck are we going be sucessfull if all yall do is hate. jesus was black see what yall fucks did to him yall killed him and then worshiped him.

  • Dzzy3D

    here is an unreleased sample of the next joint hov is putting out http://www.hulkshare.com/mhjc39jews1s

  • king

    @slick yeah>>>>>look how much comments this shit has in such a small time they have shit on here for weeks that aint have half the comment that this post got in half an hour. i supports all my rappers.

  • Tef

    No matter what you say about Jay, his body of work has always spoken for him. It’s 8am here and this track has already circled the Internet 5 times. You don’t have to like Jay, or appreciate his work, but at least have the balls to admit that no other rapper right now can do it the way he does it, he has reached the American Dream to a White House capacity, no other rapper will. Yet with all of that, he can still outrap and bring out the best in all ur favorite young rappers, and do shit like drop a random fix on a Thursday in April with no promotion, mixed reviews, and it’s still buzzin all day like the McRib came back. That’s a god MC whether you respect and acknowledge that or not.

  • Statdefine

    I love how Jay makes the haters come out more than any other rap artist. Corny, subpar, and whack rappers don’t get comments. That is, unless they make a diss track.

    You haters don’t have opinions, you have complaints.

    Talk yo shit, Hov.

  • lord young

    I bet Elliot Wilson will make a truth video with cum on his lips saying “jay z is thr best blah blah blah”

  • Tef

    @king You mean MOST dudes don’t own their own house. It’s a sickness, instead of appreciating where he is, cats would rather depreciate his talent, and value.

  • This is hard, Florida republicans need to stfu, Florida has the most sex offenders, Florida has the Most Child abuse or Child related crimes in America . I think these politicians need to focus or more important things. Look at Casey Anthony ,Florida . Racist Politicians Undercover Klans men judges and all fuck all yall.

  • Ricky Retardo

    [Ricky Retardo says:
    Tuesday, April 09 2013 at 2:01 PM EST
    Hov gonna pop so much shit, I can’t wait for the record!! Tell Flex to get them bombs ready]

    wow faster then i thought… Hovie’s home

  • Steff


    “This communist talk is so confusing, when it’s from China the very mic that I’m using…”

    Shout out to the troll who started talking about Jay-Z’s shares in the Brooklyn Nets.. Stop pocket watching and go get your own sack before its too late…

  • fuck flex

    funny how he still talks bout dope and we let him get away with it…

  • Maannneeee *Big Hawk voice* Hov blacked out on this joint. Clearly not an album single, he just had to get somethings off of his chest with all this backlash in the media. I like that he just went straight to the booth to handle it, no twitter beefin. And he’s dropping gems in there too. And to all the folks hating saying his bars are subpar…..”Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Those eight straight concerts benefited LiveNation not Jay-Z. Jay-Z signed a 360 Deal with Live Nation, yes, a 360 Deal! Het got paid a flat fee by LiveNation, but his concerts have to gross a certain amount of money within a certain timeframe. If the concerts do not gross that amount, he’ll have to make up the difference. He still hasnt reached that threshold. Thats why Jay-Z has been touring all the time. You brothers have to read Business Insider and Forbes instead of listening to these false raps.

  • king

    “Obama said, ‘Chill you’re going to get me impeached’ / You don’t need this sh-t anyway, chill with me on the beach.”

  • epinz

    Songs cool…but why beyonce and jay almost talkin bitter??? Like they not appreciated and stuff? I dnt get it. Think they feel like they losin they spots….shit is cool. Not his best, but still better than most

  • Henry the Bloke

    ‘The new role model fuck this zoolander shit’ looooool So hard

  • MOB

    HOV still running this “young man’s” game @43 salute

  • king

    @tef exsactly. its only us blacks that do this shit. let my brothers get money. we dont have enuff rich black people in the world. .let our poeople get it. we the minority in numbers and in money. LET JAY WIN LET PUFF WIN LET DRE WIN let all my black men win and win and win.

  • ohWORD

    @epinz what you talking about nigga? lol talking bitter and not appreciated? You must not of heard what people said about Beyonce when she dropped her new song, or what CNN and other news stations said about Jay and B trip to cuba

  • Hol’Up

    Nice Beat… Wasted.

  • Thanks J for bringing back a classic by Dylan “Idiot Wind”. Listen Here >>> http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/bob+dylan/idiot+wind_20021193.html

  • Mars

    Garbage. More whack shit from this corny dude.

  • all things real

    Great Hov

  • out of spite i just might flood these streets. jays cool

  • Kid

    These niggas supposed to be rich??? What the hell they wearin?!?!

  • “This communist talk is so confusing, When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using”

    Ha! It sure is nigga…

    Hov just like that other Class of ’96 legend, Kobe Bryant. The more you niggas keep trying to front, keep trying to push niggas in they coffins, the more you gon have to deal with them STILL running shit!

  • DJ Game

    As much as I love Nas, I still think this track is dope. The first time in awhile where Swizz doesn’t annoy the shit out of me.

  • Space Ghost

    Niccas kill me with the Drake and Weezy still better shit. DIDN’T JAY MERK BOTH OF THOSE DUDES ON THERE OWN ALBUMS????? Yall suckaz have a veeeeery short memory, BUT, Y’ALL GON’ LEARN TODAY!!!

  • Nickey Black

    There’s nothing to hate here. It’s allREALTALK

  • Space Ghost

    @Izzy_Ballin…..Listen loser, let me explain this shit one more time. Jay ONLY got the minority share in the NETs to increase the value of his real estate holdings in the surrounding area. I imagine you are not aware that Jay is the “MAJORITY” owner in a real estate conglomerate service the greater N.Y. region. If you remember back in the news when some employees stated that their insurance lapsed for a few days, it was revealed that HOV “OWNS” the company that “OWNS” that gaddamn building. Guess what……their is so much development proceeding in the area surrounding the stadium and Jay owns quite a bit of it. Did you also miss that as of the end of THIS month, HOV will own his entire catalog….ALONE. He still owns major stock in ICONIX, the parent company that purchased ROC-A-WEAR from him and his Russian partner. He has a patented color “JAY-Z Blue” that Chrysler pays him to use on their cars…you know…that metallic sky/pearl blue you see on Sebring’s and the like? Yeah…Jay owns that color buddy. Not to mention his Roc-Nation deal past and the present deal with Universal…..and his new publishing admin deal. Did I mention his cosmetic company co owned by Will Smith? Or or….the Movie Company co-owned by Will Smith as well….must I go on???? He is a fucking Cake-o-Haulic.

    BTW…this shit bangs if you didn’t know. YOU MAY ALL RETURN TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM…..Sissies!!!!

  • watchthethrone

    Jay just took us all to school. God of rap

  • watchthethrone

    God of rap

  • The Wise




  • @BlueScalise

    Dogmas don’t own 1/15 of 1% of their own dick and have a nerve to talk shit.


    WOW @Hov! All you pumpkin heads talking rap lyrics and flow need to face the corner with your dunce cap on, and then sit all the way down. Jay just spit the most revolutionary lyrics in the history of the game. That was URBAN POWER SPEAKING TO POLYTICAL POWER… SAYING YOU CANNOT TOUCH ME!

    Take note chillren…MEDIA IS KING!

  • Bro.NoShame

    yeah this sounds like the older, hungrier hov from the 90s and early 2k. grimey beat, grimey flow

  • Nathaniel

    niggas… let hov get at these white folks. why y’all bickering over nothing? he’s talking to the news media, the politicians, and probably some shady white folks that he dealt with with the nets situation. at the level he’s at, he’s trying to make moves around devils. they after him, he doin’ what he gotta to keep buildin’. let the nigga live, it’s jay z…. you know, the one from our culture?

    envy and jealousy is a bitch.

  • Nathaniel

    niggas arguing over team and barclays center ownership percentages like you own any part of something that profitable.

    and it ain’t about the money. the knowledge he got from taking an nba franchise from one city to an ny borough, and building the arena… that’s a lot of useful ins and outs that “we” have never had access to see into fruition. now it’ll trickle down. think bigger than a buck, niggas. think bigger than a buck.

  • Joyce Marie

    @Tbones: lyrics, that you saw fit enough to come to a rap site comment section and repeat word for word. He still own the building so maybe you can have several seats!

  • You call that art?

  • Baby of Stan

    This is that shit! Did he really just say those raps about Obama? Lol. Come on lets go chill on the beach… haha


    Baby of Stan

  • numbers dont lie

    Jay-z share = $350,000
    lets calculate where the growth would come in that he’s talking about
    -8 sold out shows to open the arena
    -Advertising Agency “Translation” hired and paid to market the entire “Brooklyn” Nets push.
    -Rocawear store placed in arena
    -Cognac D’usse purchased and sold at the arena
    -NBA affiliation opened door for NBA 2k13 producing rights
    Should I continue cause that’s just talking about since the move…

  • eastpointvet

    so u know all the backroom deals Izzy? u know how much hov making off the 40/40 in barclays? teh rocawear store? the advertisement deals his advertising firm setup there? nice song by the way

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  • Tbones

    You know when stans are reaching when all they talk about is the hyperbolic numbers jay spit in his rhymes.

    Jay got so much bread, / niggas tryna jam him. Even Solja Boy can come up with a better double entendre. Wack ass lazy line.

  • mike

    @izzy_ballin nigga hov actually own part of the building and got seats for life look it up. Check rap genius. But he doesn’t own the team. But building and seats HOV


    Obama said “chill, you gonna get me impeached”
    But you don’t need this shit anyway
    Chill with me on the beach
    Keep this own conversation out of your raps; Capisce!

  • Im a big HOV supporter but all his rhymes since “blue Ivy” sound uninspired and lazy….the lyrics always are tight but he energy is lackluster, dat track was WIGGIDDY-WACK

  • Honestly

    Pay attention. I agree alotta y’all dudes don’t know how listen to music. That’s why these lazy rappers win, the world full lazy listeners who can’t read into shit. Have drops bars this morning still top trend on twitter. The White House gets questioned about his words. Do u understand how far he’s taken rap. Not just him either but the fact that he can speak his mind and talk about his REAL life ( not this bubblegum shit out) and the world listens, shows if u hatin it’s cuz he makes u feel small. Real dudes just applaud.

    Oh yea them drake n Wayne comparisons is real funny smfh

    It’s jus different

  • PAX

    Shoulda had kanye do the cover art…

  • Megamind

    @Izzy and @IDK – Everyone look at these 2 clowns…niggas be in here talking about how many shares of something that a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE owns! This is coming from niggas who don’t even own the fkn apt they live in! And probably financing the Jordan’s on their feet. I HATE DUMB NIGGAS…Lord forgive me but I don’t suffer fools gladly. Nigga be buying shit on their credit card and end up paying 250 for a 100 dollar pair of jeans but try to statistically and numerically breakdown Hov’s profit margins in a REAL business. Negativity aimed at Hov comes from the lowest common denominator of thinking…i comes from HATE…or self and financial envy.
    If this nigga Hov AIN’T THE AMERICAN DREAM, I don’t know what is!
    In summation, they asking the FKN WHITE HOUSE ABOUT A RAPPER and Kim Jung Un is talking about launching Nukes….Y’all figure it out.

    What’s even MORE ill about Hov shit is that the shit is ALL true! The nigga is the best! (coming from a Pac/Nas fan!)

  • omir da bomber

    check me out on YouTube
    YouTube OMIR410

  • HB

    this is like what D.O.A was to bluepint 3, just a statement, stirring controversy

  • watchthethrone

    Havana to Atlanta

  • Reblogged this on GenRegardless and commented:
    Here we go.

  • Illa

    Hardest record out right now. This that jigga I fuck wit. Beat crack too

  • Cubanoflightrisk

    Tell me why people on here act like this was suppose to be album jay… This is talk that shit jay.. You see if y’all was real followers of this dude you would know this. Been rocking with this dude since he was with jaz-o the only dude I know to come a silence the critics and have them scratching there head. Fucking CNN was talking about this in QA session with the press sec to the president. Like he said y’all gone learn today hahahahahah

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  • realness718

    the jay z cock suclers lmaoo 144 commnets of cock sucking if nas had a billi and own businesses yall would do the same smh

  • Nickey Black

    Haters are annoying. They probably think supporters are annoying. Lol

    Get’em Jay

  • Big Trip

    Whats funny is, the cover looks like a message to America saying this our statement as Black People. America tried to tear us apart and now “Yall Gon Learn Today”!

  • Enzo

    Love it ! Get them Jay !!

  • Oj da Cornball

    really, what’s amazing those lyrics?
    I think people impress and mistranslate Jay-z arrogance as skills.
    He said nothing in there, really. No lyrical value of amazement reaction he always gets for this song at all.

    MAN PEOPLE ARE SOME BALL RIDERS when it comes to Jay-z.
    YN somewhere still jacking off, making a “The Truth” video just fo this song.
    And The Truth for RIck Ross getting dropped.

  • E.Geeziss

    Hood politics – Boss move – all u queers w/ the YMCMBusters dickriding in suburbia need 2 stop it. Jay got balls he’ll even send shots @ the power elite. & this is a freestyle, not an album track. Bozos. Yall 2 new 2 the game 2 fully understand it, sons. Big Boy Game, pull ur pants up. 1

  • crakavelli


  • cheeeese

    open letter>>> accidental racist

  • It’s hard to contain a beast! A legend resurrected, when ever given a beat. The goofs, cry Illuminati, this a God sent flow. A craft, beyond perfected, y’all should all scream HOV!~phiL

  • Maxwell Silverhammer

    @Izzy_Ballin so you really want Jay to be that specific? Gee that’s exciting. Even if he owns a bit of the building, HE STILL OWNS THE BUILDING. Simple Simon. So “the real owners” made more money? Wow that’s surprising, wouldn’t be able to predict the MAJORITY owners taking a MAJORITY of the profit. Wow. So Jay is helping money move off of his name, to other people, while apparently taking a loss as you pointed out. How is that not to be respected?

  • Space Ghost

    Open Letter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>5 a.m. Toronto

  • They gave him the boot and he’s upset…this average ass song ain’t hot…LUKEwarm and childish… Everything was good a week ago when you was “ACCEPTED”… now you mad son

  • Anthony Graham

    Checkout my music please . . . https://soundcloud.com/boi-genuis

  • Inf

    Am I the only one who thinks Mase/Total ‘Tell Me What You Want’ when the beat drops?

  • Newyorknickkk

    your all stupid, this song is hard..

  • D.R Flow

    What are y’all listening to? This shit is average at best!!

  • king

    @oj do fucking cornball. is jay lyrical YES……so shut the fuck up. every song is not about lyrics and what are lyrics by the way. if so pac is the most popular no lyrical rapper

  • this track is fire, @GlobalHHB

  • After listening to this track and spinning it a few times in the city. Heres what I think. I LOVE the ATL shout out! And I can truthfully say this Jiggas hardest verse in 2 years. We can only pray that the rest of his project is on this level. He addressed all the headlines and he sounds hungry! I hated the Kevin Hart blurb by Swizz but getting Ebro on it was masterful. Reminds me of Threats Hov. Yo Hov hurry up.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers dont”

  • BTW the cover art wouldve been much harder if it was just Jay, Timothy, and Swizzy. I know Tramain is RocNation and a spokesmodel for RocAWear but what is he on this cover.for. Shouldve just put Ebro on the cover art with everybody that wouldve been pretty gangsta.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers dont.”

  • Wow!!!!! This guy is the greatest of all time. Hands down.

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  • Master P’s Theatre

    “Catch a body, head to Huston”. Damn, you on Nas dick.

  • Foreign luccini

    *this the shit that’ll make towers record come back*