• Slim Baller


  • Yup !



  • edi


  • edi


  • Lightsaber Leg


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is why I call him Wack Weezy. Never disappoints.

  • J UK

    Better than everything else on the album

  • Dat Nigga Ahn Nguyen

    Fucking trash. Nigga should’ve died when the seizures hit him.

  • Dang

    How did this not make it wtf Cortez

  • Tev Milli

    Wayne snap @ the end 4real…..
    Meek was cool of course….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • mac DIESEL



  • Slim Baller

    Id rather bump this in the whip than that new Pusha

  • John John

    Somebody smack Cortez Bryant and Birdman for not letting this make the album.

  • Hey yo

    Damn! Weezy went hard as fuck.. this shit shut down Pusha! ha

  • Jay

    they prolly scrapped this cause like half of meeks verse is the one off of Ace hood Ft Meek Mill ( Goin Down) to me meek ruined the song cause of it


    Hate to say this, but I kinda feel this more than jay’s and pusha’s record!

  • Mister B

    Best from Weezy in a loooong time

  • 2 Cents

    It’s been a good day. All three records are dope.

    And gotdamn wayne snapped!

  • best song of all the three songs dropped today and how come it didn’t make the album?

  • god damn wayne fucking went in

  • 2 Cents

    @Zoomzoom “Stop acting like a lil bitch nigga” in the 3rd verse was meant for you. Had it been jeezy spitting the same verse you’d be biggin him.

    & no I ain’t a Stan nor a groupie you’re just a hating troll

  • Locs

    Uh oh meek starting to recycle lyrics I see. His career won’t last long. Holla at Gillie for some lyrics!!

  • ck

    this would have been my favorite track off IANAHB2. this is the best ive heard from wayne in a while, finally rapping about something other than pussy too. Growth is good.

  • STFU

    Another Wayne song with nothing but random punchlines. Cool.

  • the brain trust

    Woah! Weezy surprised the fuck outta me with this.

    He went in like crazy.

  • M.T

    first good weezy verse in a while. nice song.

  • slime

    Why did Meek Mill recycle the same lyrics from his Ace Hood verse? Unless he recorded this one first and knew it wasnt goin on the album…..but still….gotta kill that recycling shit

  • Dat Nigga

    anyone else feel like the verses from wayne may be from before he got locked up?

  • Beaming

    Meek mill> your favorite rapper

    The truth.

  • Black Shady

    LOL Wayne better just keep doing that I Am Not A Human Being series bullshit….cuz if he dares doing Carter V….its gonna be the WORST of that series…..well..I wonder if he can do worse than C4…but for some reason im sure he can.

  • now i know why this shit didn’t make the album. Meek is a bitch! why do u give the same verse to two different rappers. where they do that?? Go n listen to Meek’s verse on Acehood’s “going down” it’s just the same as this one he just added a few lines to make it longer

  • onenutned

    this go…just needs a proper hook.

  • @BlueScalise

    Can this sawed off piece of shit get through one rap without mentioning pussy.

  • SaveHipHop

    Please let this be the start of Waynes come back…

  • fredtheFATson

    Lol shit this woulda been the best track on the album. I wish he get back on the syrup his flow used to be crazy back in the day.he used to be the best rapper.fo.sho

  • DMVinyourchick

    Tired of beats like this

  • Devante

    This didnt make up, but the track with Soulja Boy did?

  • watch my move$

    this the old wayne
    meek getn to much $ now
    he not touchn certain subjects no more
    nigga normally go the fucc off when his numbr
    get called like this, damn

    tuff tho

  • BM Exquisite

    this shouldve made the album and wayne still has flow, all you guys on here think joey badass and all them got flow. ok yeah thats true but they can not be marketable. trinidad james is more marketable than joey badass. its not all about the lyrics its more politics than anything

  • Dashing

    This> 90% of IAMHB2

  • Hammertime

    Yo Wayne snapped at the end hard as hell,

    this shit >>>>>>> Pusha T’s crap

  • Freshy Clean

    This Song Is Tuff Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crysis

    same shit different day.

  • 99Problems

    STREETRUNNER produced the track… Needed a few more of these on IANAHB2 and less Soulja Boy

  • snap

    Best thing I’ve heard from weezy in a WHILE. Damn Cortez wtf

  • fireeee


  • Balla

    This track is better than that entire piece of shit album

  • Dj Hook

    Meek murdered Wayne. Wayne sounded like a fag in the 2nd verse. Listen to what Meek say then listen to both verses of Wayne. Meek ate Wayne up on his own album with one verse. That’s why it didn’t make the album. Ask the streets not the geeks. Meek won.

  • Chronic

    Best wayne verse in forever. Will Meeks fifteen minutes just be up already though

  • killaroy610

    @99problems the track is produced by SAROM and StreetRunner. And you’re right more of this.. less soulja boy

  • 99Problems

    @killaroy610 My bad ur right… Produced by STREETRUNNER & sarom

  • 99Problems

    @killarot610 My bad ur right… Produced by STREETRUNNER & co-produced by sarom

  • 99Problems

    @killaroy610 My bad ur right… Its produced by STREETRUNNER and co-produced by sarom

  • cl

    you know why this didnt make the album? two words…Meek Mill….=shit


    ookkaaay yess its the same verse from GOIN DOWN SSTTFFFUUUU WHO CARES DAMN . yu muthafuckas just wait on the internet to contradict someone . shit . You Niggas need a hobby man

  • Willie Beeman

    if you use your ears, you can hear that Cory Gunz helped Wayne with his second verse.

  • djp

    Tunechi tunchi tunchi.. Fuck around and pop ya.. My homies got that white girl call it lady gaga!

  • djp

    Tunechi tunechi tunechi… Young mula baby!!

  • @Willie Beeman

    You are an idiot…. Lil Wayne did a freestyle of that last verse around 2009… look it up on youtube.