New Music: Troy Ave “U.O.E.N.O”


Troy Ave adds some lactose to his keymix of Rocko’s controversial tune. Catch Troy and others at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Festival June 2nd at Met Life Stadium.

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  • Devante

    Troy Ave is dope…
    He reminds me a lot of Max B..

  • E$SO

    Max B?! Bwahahhaa fuck outta here. This nigga is beyond corny. Especially his voice.

  • Devante

    Was Max B voice honestly any better^^^

  • NYC

    Esso is right. this nigga is whack. rhymes is weak as fuck. voice is annoying too

  • Yea max was a lot better and original think abt this wowuld future be as big as he is if max was around

  • watch my move$

    son gon b @ summer jam performin
    h must b bout to sign & announce it but damn
    the lil asap dude drop that jayreed joint shit crack

    this a fuccn freestyle mo LOL smh

  • watch my move$

    & he got a dream coke a mania slauson skully on
    come on wheres the love LL$LLAMF

  • the brain trust

    This is actually nice.

    I never really listened to dude, but dude can spit.

  • Xpac


  • HOV


  • HOV

    ..not in a good way

  • LikeJordan45

    Son….Troy Ave is not fuckin poppin. Chill.

  • This is a dubb

    This shit is horrible, miserable, terrible….he needs to quit! Seriously

  • Cover says it all

  • Kush

    Don’t disrespect max B like that.

  • Young king

    ^^ What Kush said. This nigga is wack.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Word, FLOW sounds forced , B.

    I dont like his body language either, its snakey.

  • Dj Hook

    Reebok only condone black on black crime. Like killing each other, and drug dealing. Now slipping a Molly in a woman drink can hurt a white girl. It’s ok to hurt the niggas. They so dumb they don’t even know it. Analyze Jay-z rhymes and Rick Ross. All that was ok till by chance a white girl could end up having a black baby & not even know it.