• Facts

    Why would a man be excited to watch a gay man’s video

  • Truth

    @Facts – A man wouldn’t give a shit whether someone is gay or not and would judge the art itself. A child would do the opposite. Go eat your vegetables and respect ur elders.

  • Tev Milli

    Ok vid….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • damn

    oh snap Facts u gon’ learn today

  • Facts

    Y’all can be gay as much as y’all want, also you @Truth, it’s all good…

    …except it is linked to this culture called Hip Hop. Homosexuality has never been a part of it and there are more reasons for it to keep it this way than not to do it

    Since this right here is called RapRadar there obviously is a link to Hip Hop

  • the brain trust

    Lmao @ Facts got owned.

    Why didn’t this great song get proper video treatment??

    Frank Ocean is too lazy….

  • brza

    Great song.

  • the ripper

    @ Facts,

    I am a straight dude and think Frank Ocean’s music is what the game needs. Trust me Facts, if you were from Los Angeles, you would probably get yo a$$ beat by some of Tyler’s goons for talking shit about Frank Ocean…

  • Breezy

    Video has shit to do with the song’s lyrics like all of his visuals. Who is managing this guy’s career? He makes the worst career moves. He could’ve been the greatest, but he keeps undermining his own success.

  • WTF Frank Ocean came in my neighborhood here in Rome??

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    good song good video

  • ?!?!

    Hahahaha Tyler is not from no LA
    That guy was not raised in the hood
    I’m from LA and i know for a fact that he isn’t from south central

  • Steve

    smh UOENO

  • Steve


  • Batman

    Frank is so far ahead of his competition right now its absurd, except JT .

  • yo

    so @Breezy

    a video about traveling around the world doesn’t have shit to do with the lyrics “Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Spain, Lost……”?

    are you listening?

  • Iseeu

    u strait niggas listening to frank ocean dont even know he’s getting in that ass subconciously…music makes u feel emotions dont matter the song or genre and frank got u niggas weak. I will never listen to his new shit hes singing to men and through his world travels hes hoping to meet that special dude. Smh i will gladly listen to tank, r. Pissed on a girl under 15 kelly. I know they love pussy

  • flygirl

    @Batman JT Really? Are you even still playing his album? JT is still working on getting his fans back from Robin Thicke

  • BIG ZO

    this made my penis hard im not gay tho 😡

  • truth

    @facts newsflash. everything evolves. you do not own the hip hop culture. everything must evolve and adapt to survive. that my friend is your namesake: fact. Rock started with black blues and went thru hair metal, grunge etc… if u choose to sit around in your enyce sweatsuit and white on white AF1’s mad at how hip hop is changing thats your choice but to act as if everything doesn’t evolve is pure ignorance. expand your mind. life is short. enjoy the diversity. its good for everyone.

  • truth

    @iseeu people like you are necessary for healthy minded people to have something to point at for reference. enjoy your bubble of judgement if it makes you feel like more of a man. the rest of us who are ok with our manhood etc will simply judge you as an ignorant unaware child.

  • Iseeu

    if u gotta defend ya man hood just to listen to frank ocean u lost homie…u probally light candles while playing this niggas music. Smh R&B took a loss with this its gonna be hard for strait dudes to get deals that are talented now that the homo agenda is in full affect. Shout out to all the keaith sweats, new edition, boyz 2 men artists yall are not forgotten

  • IseeuLikesMen


    You’re just bothered by it because you’re gay yourself.


    @ Iseeu– give it up bruh, that old nigga bullshit is for the birds. Go hangout in a library for a day, you need it.

  • brkn

    what the hell has being gay got to do with hip-hop you need to get your shit straight and stop being stupid

  • onenutned

    if you worried where another man stick his dick doesn’t that in essence make you gay seeing as how you having cock thoughts and all? just listen to the music..thats all that matters. this song ain’t great it ain’t a shit stain neither just not that great.

  • Shipwreckdakota

    Judging people based on their sexual orientation lol…
    Get ya minds correct…

  • Austin

    i thought it was dope… cool visuals to a dope song.