New Video: Gucci Mane “Scarface”

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more ratchet, leave it up to Gucci Mane to up the ante. First off, if you’re under 18 or at work, carry on. If not, check out his new porn video in support of  Traphouse 3 dropping May 21st.

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  • NSFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Whut?

    Wow…Yo. We just whore our entire race out chains, mollys, and champagne. Ima slap a nigga in the face the next time anyone says “the white man, Illuminati, system keeps us down. I love pussy as much as the next man…but this is the only picture we paint.


    The good folks at Rap Radar have to be posting this to divert attention away from the Boss’ current situation lmao. No ones gonna care about Ross when Gucci who’s about to get locked up puts out a video with chicks fingering each other and licking ass

  • Ivy Blue Hov


  • Whut?

    @Ivy Blue Hov…Not to judge you…but u look up to this nigga? Genuine wanna try to understand what you see…

  • Nigga

    @Whut?… A nigga that made it out that’s what we see.

  • Gambino

    Cool video, got my nut on mute

  • rrr


  • IIG

    Guwop thanks for all you do bruh.

  • Tip Drill 2K13

    @Whut?…He loved the American dream… with a Vengence!
    Define American Dream
    mine? Bad Bi Bitcheds goin hard; Ice on Deck; CA$H on Deck; LOUD on Deck bangin ass tracks…WHUT? more could you ask 4?

  • Jungle

    Hahaha guwop about that life !

  • 2 Cents

    @whut what about blu ivy hov’s comment suggests that he “looks up to him”? Lol smh and to think you begun with a no judgment disclaimer.

  • Jungle

    Red Bentley mulasanne too gangsta

  • smfh

    couldnt this nigga afford better ho’s they dont look good

  • The Facade

    All you see is “a nigga that made it out”????? That’s exactly the problem. When young black people look for other black people who “made it out” this is what they see. That is because bottom feeders like Elliott Wilson promote this type of behavior and lifestyle.
    When young white people look for people who have become successful they think about CEO’s, inventors, businessmen, and other productive members of society. People who make this planet a better place to live. Not people who have tattooed their face and body, use drugs irresponsibly, and have long criminal records.
    My point is these days instead of promoting positive influences for the next generation, blacks in American tend to glorify the most ignorant members of their community. This creates an unhealthy cycle and provides little hope for the next generation of black men and women.
    Thank you Elliott Wilson MMG Public Relations

  • The Facade

    Is there any wonder so many members of the hip hop community weren’t offended by Rick Ross’s lack of respect for females when a video like this is being promoted by Elliott Wilson? I don’t see one instance of a female being portrayed as anything other than a sexual object for the entertainment of black men.
    Thank you Elliott Wilson for everything you’ve done for women everywhere. You are a positive influence on our society.

  • BlippityBloop

    Facade, shut up and go live your life. I hate that pro-black shit, and I’m black myself. Things are the way that they are and it’ll never change, get over it

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    So a 11 year old kid that likes hip hop can come to this blog and have unfiltered access to “porn-rap” now?


    lol a guy that made it out…ain’t he about to get locked up again?

  • Facts

    It’s funny as hell how Officer Ricky and this retard right here take L after L and the Snowman get hella paper off a mixtape track

  • the ripper

    Gucci is that dude!!! He probably be banging all type of honeys…

  • brandonpitts

    Well Got Damn!

  • Mii o il

    Just because u rap don’t mean u can’t enjoy pussy every now and then my god. How can u not enjoy Gucci LETTIN u see some pussy man. Y’all niggaz tripping..

  • troi

    I hope gucci gets lockd up……

  • nigga creep

    LOL ! This nigga is just a walking cartoon character all the time mane! His music and raps is trash but everything else he does cracks me up. From his ashy pot belly slobbish look, to his courtroom antics and cases- Gucci bout that retarded life, but I aint hatin-cause he entertainin!

  • tucq

    Man, this a damn shame, and all ya’ll muhfuckus should be ASHAMED of yourselves, watchin these no clothes on, fine ass drunk bitchez spill champagne on each other and lick each other down.

    LMAO (presses the play button again)

  • Jungle

    Video of the year this far

  • chedda boy malik

    LOL Gucci bout that coon life that’s for sure

  • DJ Game

    can’t wait to see this on mtv.

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  • FREE Gucci NOW!!!!

  • watch my move$


    thats all llamf

    blame lyor