DMX On Iyanla: Fix My Life

OWN kicked off the new season of Iyanla: Fix My Life yesterday. In this episode, she sits with DMX and attempts to aid the rapper from his drug abuse to his family issues.


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  • rahrahrah

    I remember when DMX came out. The griminess was intoxicating. X is in a difficult place, but he needs some more skillful people around him. The things they are saying it’s obvious that he’s going to take it the wrong way. DMX needs to define how he’s going to get healthy and then get people to support him in doing the things that he has defined. He’s not going to do anything according to anyone’s rules, or for anyone. He just isn’t built like that. He seems to be a man of honor, but he doesn’t have a bone of “follower” in his body, he’s untrained and unorthodox. You can’t expect him to acquire those skills.

  • If X made an album about every issue raised in this video it would be amazing

  • blackJew

    Dmx new artist is next –

  • I remember when I first heard X. I was in 7th grade at the barbershop and “Get At Me Dog” came on Rap City. Every other word was censored,.but his music just gave you that feeling where you needed to hear more….

    now you just want him to get his shit together. Busta was up to something with his song “legend of the fall offs”

  • fh

    Dmx is a loser

  • Truth

    Rid yourself with the belief you’re the mind and body—realize you’re the infinte being . Constantly be aware of the here and now…

    My only advice.

    Good Luck.

  • slick

    his kid fucked up. when she asked him if he wanted to talk to x alone he said no he’d only talk if ilyana was there. that’s some bullshit talk to your pops one on one man to man

  • I don’t feel sorry for DMX anymore. He’s been on ONE TOO MANY THERAPY SHOWS AND HE STILL HASN’T CHANGED.

    He’s HOLDING on to the pain, the drama, HE DOESN’T WANT TO MOVE ON. MANY, MANY, MANY people have been molested/raped, addicted to drugs AND abandoned by their mother/father yet they were able to break away and free themselves. DMX is a MENTAL MIDGET, he is NOT a resilient person.

    He’s gotten sooooo much help from therapists/counselors/reality shows but he stays the same. Ultimately, no one can help you but you.

  • bullti

    holy shit his son cant sing

  • bullti

    I really hate that lady.
    She set him up and only pressed one side of the story. She treated him like a piece of shit, tricked him to get him in and that will prob be her highest rating show ever.
    She lost it with him – U really think DMX gives a fuck whether speaks to you again????
    “Fuck You, I just did” hahaha I love it. He came back and did the second bit because he loves his son, not because of you lady.
    She told Xavier not to judge then all she did was take a side and judge Earl.

    X is wrong, he should try and change for the ones that love him the most, but because he wants to, which he obviously doesn’t.
    But Xavier is wrong too.. you cant have a relationship with someone based on a condition.
    What if X wanted to place conditions on seeing his son -one of them being, “you dont ever sing again?.”

    Simmons really does love his son and his x wife, you can see that pretty obviously. He also has a fucking terrible attitude towards the world and needs to let his pain go, not remember it.
    Loving and being hurt is better than just living as an empty, drug fuelled shell.

  • bully

    the guy is a crack head that made some ‘decent’ music once upon a time

    he is a now a joke and i love his viral internet videos

    please, give us more gold

  • KingJuggaNott

    The Devil has a grasp on that Man. He’s a powerful soul…that’s the only reason he’s still here. The Devil just does not want to let him go…he’s getting tired, you can see it. Sad that he has done so many good things in music and inspired so many, but he can’t help himself. He’s the only one that can save his self…trying to get closer to God.

  • This is so sad to watch. You can’t help an addict, if he doesn’t want it, but he took a big step just being able to go to this show and show such a personal side of him.

    I understand his son, it’s tough for him too.. He’s scared of his own father, ffs, of course he wants him to be clean, cause in that way he’ll be himself 100%.

    I hope X chooses his son instead of the drugs one day, or else he’s the next rapper dead and I would hate for that to happen.

  • Original Ty

    X doesn’t WANT to let the pain go because with it would go his excuse for getting high, being abusive to people and every other destructive behavior he exhibits to himself and others around him.

    I think his son is completely RIGHT to place conditions on their RELATIONSHIP, not his love for his Pop. He said he still loved him but in order to have a relationship he need X to be HIMSELF not a costume for the drugs to inhabit and dress up in. Love should be unconditional, but a relationship shouldn’t be. It’s completely conditional and should be. Husbands and wives should love unconditionally, but the relationship should be based on how they RELATE to one another. What if the husband beats his wife everyday should she stay under those conditions??? What if the wife is sleeping with his best homeboy and he finds out? Should loyalty and faithfulness be a condition on the relationship?? Hell yeah relationships come with conditions all the time. If the drugs make X act in a way that the boy can’t deal with without disrespecting his Pops it’s cool with me that he says we probably shouldn’t be around each other then. I love you anyhow, hit me when you get clean.

    X has been wrong in his relationships with his ex wife and his son. He doesn’t love himself so he can’t love them. I do believe he tried in his own way but not enough to sacrifice what he REALLY wanted or wanted to do. That still shows. He loved his wife but not enough to not bone other chicks (and tell his son about it). He loves his son but not enough to try to get clean so he can be the best dad possible. His love obviously comes with a “… as long as I don’t have to sacrifice anything” condition. Love is selfless and X is selfish. I know being mistreated and abandoned in his early life plays a part in that but he doesn’t even WANT healing from that.

    I hope this ends some other way than what seems to be the obvious ending to this story. Prayers up for X. He needs to get grimy in attacking his disease instead of the people who want to help him.

  • Twizzy

    The host Iyanla is completely self serving. X was right to get mad, I have to say as a father. She completely thinks that because she is as well versed as she is in life repair matters, that if a person’s gives voice to their issues in any other language than hers, its wrong. All X was saying is to let his son talk, and voice is issue IN HIS OWN WORDS without Iyanla trying to imprint what she thought was right in the son’s mind. Clearly, when X asked him to name an example he could not. The reason why, is because he is carrying his mothers displeasure with X, which kids typically do, espeically sons with mothers..naturally its hard to see your mom hurt. Still, because a man cheats on his wife, you cant completely discount his efforts as a father and a child cant help the mom shoulder the burden of a marriage, since its obviously different dynamics. He has to judge his father on his merits as a Dad. When measured from that perspective, doesnt seem like he fell that short; since the son agreed that X did everything that he said he has for and with him. He is trying to connect his dad trying to get him to talk to girls as a platform to say he was a womanizer. The real issue is that the son is a momma’s boy and obviously X has an aggressive personality. Mothers need to let their sons have their own relationships with the dads and not paint this gruesome picture of the dad because the marriage/relationship is rocky. But then when you have someone like X in the media and every time he fucks up its on the news, obviously it intensifies the whole situation.

  • room2roam

    there is absolutely no way to have a healthy relationship with some thats ALWAYS under the influence of drugs. #SupportDMX. i pray that one day his family means more to him than the drugs bc im sure this has an impact on all of his children, not just his oldest son.

  • Jumal

    The host i a fucking bitch. DMX the realest ever

  • How Wonderful…

    His son is twenty years old and is more mature than his pops. In all actuality its a sad case

  • LardASS

    his son a fagget ass nigga

  • mac DIESEL




    What an incredible session. Iyanla is great and although she wasn’t able to help change D’s behavior; she did manage to empower Xavier !

    This was deeper than rap. X seems to love his life-long addiction more than himself, and startinga clean slate relationship with his son. I hope chnage gon’ come. Shouts out to Elliott for posting this realness.

    RapRadar the best blog.



  • Chillthrills

    Damn! I lost some respect for dawg,,,he said he don’t know one nigga that had a pops on deck,,but this nigga on deck and he fucking up,,,,i was hoping x,would ,show and prove,,,and rise to the occasion and show that you can make amends,,,them jumbos got son gone,,,there’s no coming back for son,,he’s. Done. I’ll rock his old shit,,,,but other than ,,,no props,from me,,,all that barkin and shit you would think that this nigga was stronger than this,,,,psssss!,,,,damn another brother goin under