Daz & W.C. Announce Joint Album

Daz Dillinger and Dub-C have announced their collaborative project, Westcoast Gangster Shit. No release date set yet, but peep the studio clip above and the artwork for it below.





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  • fuck flex

    come on daz sign some yung dudes..u got as much juice as dre…ur real fans know what u produced all them deathrow classics

  • The Wise

    Lmfao…looks like complete shitt…coming to a garbage barrel near u!

  • Youknowiknow

    Um who really gives a fuck. These dudes in their mid 40’s talkin that dumb shit.

  • Facts

    These two persons above me better get their FrankO on and tune in some Drake

  • Del

    I’ll be looking for this… that cover looks like some 90’s shit

  • slick

    whats next a world class recking cru reunion? them la niggas don’t age gracefully

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    you young niggaz fuckin retarded. ya’ll would rather listen to closet homos spittin gangsta shit over two vets who actually been in gangs spit? becuz of they age? u stupid muthafuckaz.

  • king Game

    ^ yuup shits gonna go H.A.M these drake fans funny

  • SoloK

    I’m from L.A. and grew up with this type of music, 2pac, Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Nate Dogg etc..
    but I gotta admit these niqqas need to move on. Nobody wants that gangsta shit anymore, it’s 2013, we’re far from 90’s and early 2000’s. frankly i’m tired of this bullshit. and any dude that’s slanging from their momma’s apartment bumping this shit. get a Job!