• HOV

    So wack niggas need to get their own records

  • HOV

    Cuz no1 wants to hear these renditions on the real.

  • fdsfds

    he went in

  • flawda

    dick riders, get your own records!

  • James

    the verse was dope. Try listening.

  • Ran

    I thought random was dead, plus didn’t budden beat cons ass? Smh, give up the mic fam!

  • Evil

    Fuckin wack to jump on a new record,especially when the record was released only a few days ago.They always look to outdo the original ones but 99% of the time,it fails and just “helps” the song get played out too fast.
    Come up with your own shit and stop dickriding other rappers songs.Fuckin leeches.

  • StarFox64

    try listening like dude is new..


    if Budden responds, he will lose and win at the same time, but either way, it was actaully good

  • Devante

    Confused as to why everyone is jumping on this beat? The beat is pretty boring nothing stands out..


    Joe Budden will respond on the new Slaughterhouse Album gauranteed and Consequence nice try lol take notes from Raekwon the Chef he cooked that nigga Buddens!

  • realness718

    ransom is a hood booger as rapper that cant come up and a struggling rapper on another niggas beat… gtfoh ups is hiring



  • watch my move$

    ill body this nigga

    yea i said it LMAO

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