• ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    smh wasting studio time.

  • The Facade

    Is Wayne just trying to find out the lowest quality music he could possibly make and have people still give him money? Or is something else going on here?

  • Balla

    Da fuck is this

  • The Truth Hurts

    I like the idea of the song but the execution is totally weak. What happened to Cam and Wayne? Flex mixtape might end up being a disappointment

  • mac DIESEL

    When’s the last Cam joint you liked? – 50 Cent “Funeral Music”




  • Devante

    Both of them fell of them lost it..

  • ?!?!

    This is bad

  • jewelz

    pull the plug on dee niggas mane

  • jayzuz

    no one wants to listen to ur fuckin hooks wayne!!!! fuck i used to be a fan of wayne wen dude actually spit…

  • Mike Jones??

    Dip Set..

  • Black Shady


  • Lito

    Cam is a legend but that joint is lame

  • Da truf

    Cam is the only rapper i support but i do not support this im not dwn with wayne his homo ass lickin clan

  • TUV

    Nah man, niggas HAD to know this was wack when they did this shit. What publicist and who on his team heard this and had the audacity to tell this nigga to blast this out to blogs.

  • efdee

    it’s a throwaway stop overreacting

  • bcro28

    lol @efdee saying its a throwaway. that’s your excuse. this shit is terrible. Mac diesel, that 50 cent line
    is classic by the way.

  • gobo

    cam is a legend. he needs to make tracks with juelz or somebody from dipset not with wayne.

  • stefano c

    this is embarrassing oh my god…it sounds like a parody….with flex in the beginning (biggest tool in rap) , wayne’s awful hook and camron’s depressing bars 🙁