New Video: Wyclef “Open Letter (Remix)”


Before Wyclef floods the ‘net with April Showers, he writes his a kite over Hov’s underground. Did you know a Haitian was the founder of Chicago? Bang bang. Mixtape drops April 29th.

UPDATE: That was fast. Now With Video

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  • BxWavy

    this is actually dope!

  • mike

    Remember yele

  • gammaboi

    This garbage is so unfocused.
    Been the case with Clef lately.
    He wants to be Hendrix, Marley and a rapper all at once but the ideas are not fluid.

  • OhWORD

    sound like this nigga recording it a basement, with a mic on a webcam

  • man how many MC’s wanna get on this beat. call it the “Open Letter Riddim” and might as well make a Open Letter Riddim Medley video with all of them on it. Fistibal on his jimi, marley clef shit…

  • Drums and Guitar dope. i like this joint. Hit me up for beats @ONEMANBEATS (BEAT LIBRARY)

  • Dope. @ gammaboi how is this garbage?

  • DK

    Not gonna lie. When the tragedy in Boston happened yesterday, one of the things I thought was: “so how long before Wyclef tries to bank off of this by making a song about it?” Not that this freestyle is it, but I’ve come to expect that kind of thing from him lately.

  • CabriniGreeny

    Yes, but lets not forget that there were Native Americans here in Chicago long before Jean Baptiste Point du Sable and the Europeans.

  • Samuel Shey

    Anyone thats say this is not better than the JayZ, Pitbull, etc etc is just a Hater.

  • dodo

    after that failed, embarrassed, presidential run, this clown fell off.

    Give up Clef. your career is over.

  • PistolPistol

    Original sucked and so do all these “freestyles”
    Fuck outta here !!


    WOW. Wyclef went innnn on the guitar for this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nickey Black

    I like this. As a dj. ….I can’t

  • Chris

    In reading these comments its obvious hardly any of you listened to the lyrics. This was dope. I like how Jay Z, Pitbul, and Wyclef all spoke on their political views.

  • Forty40

    Some of the comments on here are the reason why conscious rap hardly exist….you have to dumb it down so far for the dumb to get it, by that time aint really nothing too much left to it, has to be some stupid a$$ rap beef for them to chew it!

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    Reblogging! 🙂

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Kids don’t know a damn thing about Tenor Saw…

  • JustMyOpinion

    CabriniGreeny says:
    Tuesday, April 16 2013 at 10:52 AM EST
    Yes, but lets not forget that there were Native Americans here in Chicago long before Jean Baptiste Point du Sable and the Europeans.

    ^ Truth


    WHHHHHHHY Clef lol I haven’t even listen yet and I know already this is gonna be another doo doo bomber! FOH dont you have some politics to attend to nigga running for President ass nigga for all the wrong reasons lol We will be right back with more after these messages! About to listen to 30 seconds or more of WHHHHHHHHY Clef fuckery!


    Doo doo bomber his verses are all the same lol

  • Real Talk

    Dope Wylcef this iz Dope people who just there for entertainment don’ realize nothing they are all sleeping n sleeping on real music n shit people gon hateGOOd music Open Letter and Love Dumb shit ( Harlem Shake)

  • Justsaying

    B dot y’all got the same people on this site every day with the same sounding music. You talk about being a hip hop head get out there and find us some new fresh shit from a new artist. Do your research.


    Cosigns what @justsaying saying ya heard! They cant help it not being in the loop of pure authentic Hip Hop or having an ear for new artist and not this same ol shit everyday they want ratings and views thats all that matters. Does Wyclef got any projects coming out? The nigga just said he lost millions lets get other artist on this site that dont have albums out and review there tracks this nigga had his shot and has fucked it up multiple times. Wasnt he just on a motorcycle posing mad homo who wants a president doing shit like that with his millions while people in Haiti starve your posing for gay mags lol cmooooon son now lets just get new artist a chance a following and millions fuck wyclef jean straight like that, I rather listen to Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan but what do you expect knowing this is an Elliott Wilson’s bias ass website

  • HK

    Sh*ts dope.

  • ZoeP

    Truuu Like an Discover of the Week or the Working Hard Artist of the Month with a lil Biopic of the Artist to push Good Talent

  • Brick city to Jax

    Brick city all day.This shit fire.Wyclef been f ing with policticians and he letting them know.Jokers in the street just got involved with politics when Barack ran and don’t even know your councilmen and mayor, state reps(gov) and congressmen, affect your life more than the pres.But jumping up and down for The pres.Probaly ain’t get I.D until the election.

  • Chillthrills

    Fire!!!!!!,,,real spit,,,,,general in this rap shit,,,,,,,peace. 96 th. St. B.k.

  • djstizzy

    “Open Letter” Jay Z says u gettin too much bread they gonna jam ya, as in hood niggas and or the media with their hate, Ross lost $3-5 mill for freedom of speech and speaking hypothetically. The premise of “Open letter” is “Freedom of Speech.”#therealness He didn’t say he had white house clearance for the trip. the reporter took a lyrics from one part of song and meshed it with lyrics from another part of song.He said he’s a boy from the hood with white house clearance, meaning everything he does is legal because he’s friends with president. then he bashes the govt in next lyric saying politician did nothin 4 him except lie n distort history. he wasn’t talking about Obama?. So how did they put white house clearance with chill u gone get me impeached? he says he’s not doing anything illegal n they tryna get him locked. so then he speaks of committing a hypothetical crime n buying a hypothetical kilo from Chief Keef n flooding streets. more word play with onion being given to him by universal records.he says hear the freedom of my speech, meaning he’s saying what he wants hypothetical or not which is an ode to Rick Ross’ rebook situation. The issue with Cuba is about Freedom and we are loosing our freedom of speech here as in Ross vs white women n Reebok He continues to talk reckless in a hypothetical way merging it with his true feeling. n speaks of his hypothetical crimes in his freedom of speech hypothetically causing the president to say chill ur words r gonna get me Ross’ words n pressure from media caused reebok to drop him.then he compares the hypocrisy of them complaining bout him going to Cuba to the fact that we have economic problems with China n the fact that the very mic he’s on is from China, who is crippling our economy with bootlegs, mirroring our products and selling them at a much cheaper rate etc. n i’m surprised the president didn’t listen to the song and make a better comment by saying, Jay Z didnt say that, You r mixing up his lyrics.

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