Dizzy Wright “XXL Freshman” Freestyle

Dizzy Wright puts his talents on display for a few minutes in today’s XXL Freshman freestyle clip. Below that, cheek out his latest video, “First Agreement” featuring Nikkiya and Manny Scott.

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  • Finally, this is the one I been waiting for. Dizzy is awesome, he’s better with actual music though

  • Thatguy 5

    Finally some flow!!! Don’t he look like a young wesley snipes tho┬┐

  • My opinion this verse was dope!


  • Donn


    Alot of new kats to look forward to this year. I’m already feeling Logic and Dizzy

  • NYC

    U have bad taste, then

  • dave

    funk volume bitch!!!!!!

  • peter pan

    Dizzy wright! FV 2013! jarren Bentons turn next year!!!

  • Jon B

    Dizzy Wright son!!!

  • FreshKidME

    sounds like Don Trip to me…. he’s nice though.

  • aggin


    Don Trip? really nigga he don’t sound nothin like Don Trip you should get slaped for sayin that

  • logan


    go pour acid on yourself dumbfuck. dizzy is the future

  • ADLien

    dizzy is the truth… people need to peep his message.

  • 2cents

    Nothin wrong with don trip why you hatin with the comparison? Does this kid really have a strong following? Nothing special. Not even top 5 of the freshmen

  • Picasso Micheaux

    Who needs a following…
    Jesus only had twelve,
    but time did tell…
    “We underground, yet above the clouds,
    Roaming the boulevard anonymous,
    but still moving the crowd…”
    “Roger Sterling”


  • FreshKidME


    from 0:32 to 0:48… he uses the EXACT same rhyme scheme Don Trip’s known for. listen to it, bitches! (and i’m not even hatin’ i just tell it as it is)

  • Honesty

    Not going to lie , I never heard this dude before . fucking dope though .. imma check him out .

  • smokehouse

    ^ $20 says that’s a total lie

  • Honesty

    ^ you want my paypal ? I accept all currencies .. but no seriously , I never heard of him before ….