New Music: A$AP Rocky “U.O.E.N.O. (Remix)”

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It appears that Rocko’s milking his single for all it’s worth with weekly remixes. Here’s today’s installment featuring A$AP Rocky. It’s the song that never ends.

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  • Slim Baller

    He’s doing this to gain buzz. Kinda smart for an otherwise struggling rapper (buzz wise). This might be his chance to blow up like Future and 2 Chainz did

  • hitsquad

    @slim baller

    Struggling rapper?! Nigga are you on some type of powerful drug the general population don’t know about? 1st if he’s a struggling rapper b/c you don’t hear him on the radio or he not featured on songs then its a lot of struggling ass rappers out here. 2nd he’s a CEO. Future is his artist and last time I checked this nigga future hotter than lava so you know what that means. HE’S MAKING BANK OFF OF FUTURE. This nigga the truth and yo lost sleeply headed ass ain’t even know it lol

    Btw this nigga asap did not do this track no justice. Wiz and rozay did a better job

  • Dope Version … I like what Rocky did …. Wiz has the best verse so far tho… Minus Rocko of course … Interested to see if he put out a ultimate remix with all the artist … i guess we will find out

  • Ebony Murphy

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  • mike

    No ye’

  • Rozay

    Nigga milking the shit out of this song, show you how fake the industry is, before this song who was doing songs or remixes with this nigga besides Gucci? no one that’s who, this niggas claim to fame was fucking over Monica, i’m pretty sure Rocko has had a few mixtapes since Ima do me came out, did you see people breaking their necks to work with him? like Damon Wayons says on my wife and kids. “Eh Neh” you couldn’t pay niggas to work with this nigga, Future may be his artist but come on lets be real when was the last time you heard somebody say I gotta cop that new Rocko, you can’t even say that shit without laughingthis nigga just made Ima do me part deux, fuck outta here.

  • Slim Baller


  • @Rozay @ Slim Baller

  • @Rozay @Slim Baller

    Rocko doesn’t need to put music out. What y’all don’t understand is that, hes been behind the scenes for years, an an A&R for Dem Franchize Boyz, Monica, T.I., & Other Atlanta artist.. He put music out for the sport of it. He was a millionaire before Imma Do Me

  • Tev Milli

    Waitin 4 Ye & Kendrick’s version….
    Rocky was cool tho….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • HK

    c/s @Rozay but not mad at him if he’s doing his thing BT$

  • hitsquad


    KILL YO FUCKIN SELF. simple as that.

  • Rozay

    @hitsquad I mean Rocko

    I didn’t know you could read, fuck outta here dickbeater, truth hurts huh!!!

  • the winner

    Rocko talks grown men talk ..he carries himself grown not like a kid…i wouldnt expect the “2013 real niggas” on this site to understand that…homie mixtapes go hard

  • futurefanz

    Future needs a verse on this.

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