• James

    first real freestyle

  • Donn

    See this is why off the top freestyles are a waste of time if your gonna babble about nothing. Action is one of my favorites from the list, and he’s not really NEW honestly, so this disappointed me as a fan. I rather you spit some written shit that has meaning then come off the top rapping about nothing. His demeanor was too sluggish like he didn’t care

  • P Bateman

    Who cares, he made another drugs in the asshole reference! BRONSOLINO!

  • brza

    (Homer Simpson voice) Booorrring.

  • K

    I can’t stand this muthafucka’s rhymes or flow……………

  • bob

    there’s nothing interesting about this guy.

  • Black Shady

    kinda boring

  • natural

    You could definitely tell it was off the dome, which i respect, but something fresh and rehearsed would have been nice

  • DAC miesel

    ALL ya niggas are never happy^

  • drew

    bam bam go hard. stand up flushing! go listen to drake’s girl’s love beyonce if action too masculine and shut your dick suckers!

  • ohword

    Word u fans are harder on the niggas yall claim to fuck with smh

  • Miked

    Bronson cannot flow for shit, poor man’s ghostface

  • Foreign luccini

    *action Bronson buffet*

  • popo

    even trinidad did better.

  • Vins

    I think everybody did they freestyle by now right and NOBODY came near Ab-Soul, expect for Q maby

  • Vins


  • joe montana

    if he wouldve spit something dope that was written yall wouldve crucified him for that. cant win either way. def not bronsons best work but i appreciate him ACTUALLY free styling.

  • Tronsickle

    This man is GOD. Flow is golden.

  • Jay

    I dont think u niggas get his references…oh well…..Q was the best followed by soul and bronson in my opinion as far as the xxl freestyles…..nobody went they hardest except Q tho #bodybag ….Logic did a good job as well forgot bout him