• Pancho


  • MJ

    How many drinks does it *take* to leave with Miguel?

    ^corrected it for you

  • blackJew

    Check this young nigga out –

  • onenutned

    K dot on that good winnin streak,,,and you can nevr go wrong wit miguel weird self.

  • brza

    I’ll stick with the original.

  • Dante

    Kendrick has that old school Lil Wayne flow, before he went to shit.


    the original was better

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Cool lil video. But what my man Kendrick wearing. Lol at them lil ass shorts. I hope I become a millionaire one day so I can wear whatever’s the fuck I want.

  • jobie

    Kendrick is so creative with his flows and voice/accents he can pretty much jump on any track and put a verse on that fits great with the song. That’s a great skill to have. Sky the limit for this dude. I never thought he had the skill set and appeal to accepted so widely in the mainstream

  • Johnny Ryall

    Bout to watch K.Dot tear it down at UConn, ya bish!

  • jackripper

    easily my fav song out right now. dope video, looks like they had fun.

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