50 Cent 2013 NFL Draft Commerical

In support of this year’s NFL draft, a few of the league’s upcoming picks get a boost thanks to 50 and his latest single, “We Up”. The first round picks go down April 25 at Radio Music Hall in NY.


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  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk. (Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand. Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so.”)

    I RUN THIS SHIT !!!!

  • Kush

    Lmao this was pretty cool

  • Im Just Saying

    Random thought: I have never heard any deep metaphors or stories by 50 in his whole career. He doesn’t have any replay value. No great lines. Average dictionary flow with just street content.

  • rahrahrah

    Good stuff. I can’t for the life of me figure out why dude can’t get a release date? I wonder if things would be the same if he still had Sha Money on his team? I just don’t know who advocates for 50 other than 50?

  • CT KID

    its april 25 not 15

  • rahrahrah

    @I’m just saying.

    I agree with you. 50 came on the scene when the only thing in the world I wanted was more Wu-Tang. I didn’t like him then, but compared to the current crop of MCs, with the exception of KRIT, TDE, and a few others, I would rather have 50 out there.

  • Isee

    Musically hes been off for years, but I think the Ross onslaught, and the Floyd beef, turned the public off.

  • @CT Kid exactly. The date is April 25 I need a job Elliot these cats dont ever proofread their post. Wrong Dates take away credibility.

    “I was hot at the Amoco”

  • Black Shady

    still rooting for 50

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiiiiccee !!! Its The Boss Curtis Jackson making moves. MMG groupies need to worry that “Mastermind” album thats going to fail.

  • Im Just Saying


    yeah but thats because you have ro settle for him. i never heard or felt anybody say he is a lyricist. He hasn’t matured at all. even ppl criticize jay for selling out and falling off but we can always point back to reasonable doubt. i never felt 50 has had any comlex lines. I dont think ppl checking for any 50 songs on Rap Genius

  • 2 Cents

    @im just saying
    What makes you think every rapper must have “deep metaphors”? It’s poetry. Some are deep some are straight to the point. some leave room for the audience to draw their own conclusion as to the meaning behind it. but you fuckers try to limit hiphop and put it in a box. Some of the most renowned and successful HipHop songs of all time were straight to the point and had no “deep metaphors” Smh and did you say Fif has no replay value? Do you understand what a “classic HipHop album” is? Grodt is one. Now think about that.

  • BlackAnastasia

    Still a huge 50 fan,but I’m shocked dude haven’t had a real big hit since ’07 with”I Get Money”..I’ve always thought above anything else that the hits would keep coming.There’s no way any other artist whom hasn’t had a hit within that time frame could still be around and still have the popularity that 50 has today..The music I’ve been hearing from dude has been Lukewarm with no real Redeeming Factor..I still have faith that dude can deliver that Homerun hit at anytime..This is his last album for Interscope so I don’t understand the holdup..50cent with lukewarm music can still sell just as much as RichRoss when he’s delivering his socalled best music with his Drake assisted features of course.SMH..

  • michelle michelle

    Must have been an Interscope arrangement or else he would have been wearing his head phones. At least there they’re trying to help him.

  • Sam

    If You’re Going To Laugh.,.Laugh Loudly… http://www.LAUGHINGLOUDLY.com

  • maxb



  • Im Just Saying

    Im one of 50 biggest fans lol i have every song has has ever made. Its just he talks alot of shit about other rappers mainly from New York and in dont feel he has the quality to say anything about anyone else. Get Rich or Die Trying is a Classic because of the G-Unit NY Movement not because he killed the songs on there. Many men emtional songs like Many Men. Just no replay lyrical value for me

  • Ocelot King

    @Im Just Saying Are you fucking serious???? smh


  • DJ

    this is hard

  • iseeu

    at the end of the day 50 is legendary…nigga took 9 real bullets killed niggas and ended their careerS sold 40+ million albums and nobody dares to beef with this nigga. WIN

  • rogerbarrett

    when ross eats himself to death no one will compare him to the greats. if he lives past 40 he’ll be doing VH1 weight loss shows for money and still calling himself a gangster. 50 needs to stick to a release date and sell some records. the rap game is fucked up and major labels are partly to blame.

  • Mike Jones??

    Cut the check!!

  • Im Just Saying

    SHM… Every time someone makes a criticism of a rapper these days about their RAPPING ability ppl look towards things outside of their songs. Like 9 Bullets…..Records Sales…Beef… Being Real etc. Not just 50 all rappers. If you listen rappers during interviews soon as their music is questioned they go back to their past instead of evolving. EX: I didn’t enjoy that that album “I got haters and cash who cares”

  • Blue

    @imjussayin listen to gun runner


    Yall Hating But Just For that 30 seconds The Check from Publishing Is Huge …Yall stupid ..How He Fell Off? He Just Went to Other Arenas ….Think ..Rappers Dont Make Real Money Just Rappin

  • That Nigga Real

    50 is still that nigga fuck u hater y’all just like Elliott Wilson got ross dick in y’all mouth GET EM FIF Street King Immortal


    50 is a GREAT business man….but his rap career is on ICE…..LIFE SUPPORT

  • At Im Just Saying
    No you not one of 50s biggest fans buddy, you’re a hater in disguise… and all you doing is making a big fool of yourself.

    Cause if you where a big fan of 50 you would write crap like ” I have never heard any deep metaphors or stories by 50 in his whole career”

    Go listen to a song called THEN DAYS WENT BY ME for story telling u’ve never heard from 50 …. and guess what buddy, its not even from his old albums but from his last one.

    So nah you not a BIG 50 fan you a hater in disguise.

    Im sure you’ll understand if I and others never take anything you say in future seriously… you’ve been written off.

  • HiphopJustice

    “Death’s got to be easy cos life is hard, it will leave mentally, physically & emotionally scared”. FOH fif is lyrical & Real his songs will stand the test of time Like Pac. once jay & nas die their music will also die. Tracks like many men, pimp & in da club will never die. He’s left his imprint in the culture.

  • Its not a culture its a business