Joey Bada$$ Names Debut Album

joey bada$$


Joey is currently prepping his debut LP. Today, he revealed B4.DA.$$ will be arriving this Fall and that a posthumous mixtape from his fallen Pro Era member, Capital STEEZ is coming this summer.

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  • Logan

    such a creative album title. joey proving each day why hes better than Nas

  • rahrahrah

    Give me some stories and stop mumbling so much. Looking forward to this. Make sure it’s not straight boom-bap. I love boom-bap, but use some interesting song structure please.

  • rahrahrah

    @ Logan “Before the Dollars..” isn’t such a bad title, at least we know it won’t be on some flossing big balling crap.

  • Donn

    There will never be another Nas. But yea I can’t wait for this project. I just hope Joe gives me some substance and not just I’m iller and I’m this and that. Nas gave us social issues, black power, stories, perspective rap, etc. Joey has alot to prove. U can rap, now make a song


    I though it said “before the ass” lmao

  • rahrahrah

    @ Donn…respect. Some intelligent black man talk would be welcome.

  • Haze

    ^ Me too lol until I saw the hash tag

  • King Hoover

    people saying that his better than Nas or the next Nas needs to fall back

  • diamonds on my blocka


  • Beaming

    After what Joey said about the Boston tragedy I lost all respect for dude. He may have some okay rhymes but he just proved hes an AIR HEAD. No different from all these other hipsters. Dudes acting like everything in the world is a conspiracy and the government is behind it are sheep’s. Yeah they do some shit but come on terrorist attacks? Fuk outta here with your hipster wanna be super liberal ass. Grow a brain cell.

  • The Wise

    This kidds garbage..corniest album title goes toooo

  • ayyeee

    About time.

  • Pardonmyswag

    @Donn much respect.. Has a lot to prove

  • rahrahrah

    @beaming….the government has been lying to it’s “citizens” since time immemorial. I’m not saying I cosign anything that Joey said, first of all I don’t know what he said, but it’s natural to not trust anything that the government tells us. Even if it’s the truth they are going to spin it according to their agenda.

  • Devante

    Wait y’all expecting an 18 year old to drop and album talking about “social issues, black power, stories, perspective rap”?

  • J UK

    @Devante, Nas was 20 when Illmatic dropped so why not??

    I also lost respect for Joey after his Boston related tweets.

    Finally, I hate albums being named when they aren’t due for half a year and probably going to be pushed back

  • fuck your opinon

    joey can barely rap

    no way he better than nas

  • Devante

    ^^ idk what album you listened to but 70% of Illmatic was just Nas talking about smoking, getting rich, bitches and everyday life in his neighborhood
    Nas didn’t talk about social issue till years later..

  • J UK

    @ Devante Social issues and perspective rap – Nas painted the best image of being a young kid growing up in the projects anyone has ever heard, going from poverty to violence from the drug trade and I don’t even need to tell you how vivid that shit was. It was deeper than just smoking

  • rahrahrah

    @ Devante…..You’re right. I don’t “expect” an 18 year old to be a fount of wisdom, just hoping he pushes a little in that direction. I’m hoping he will look at a “distant relatives” album, and see that this is what you can grow into. I just don’t want a whole bunch of complete ignorance…but at the same time I recognize that he is a likkle yute.

  • commonalias

    Too much talk about comparisons and undermining his age/lyrical ability. Lets celebrate an artist bringing a different perspective to New York music.

  • koa29

    All these new people with $ signs

    A$AP rocky
    Travi$ Scott
    Joey BadA$$

    Ol’ shift using ass mofuckas

  • Word

    The 4, which looks like an A, could also mean the album title could read as “Badass” but I’m just stating the obvious I’m sure.

    That being said, don’t like the title. Before the money…that’s creative? Any album title with “money” in it is not creative, but I expect dope raps nonetheless.

  • Trying eat off my template

  • Ryan

    @Word maybe it means before the dollars. Is that creative enuff 4 ya? Lol gtfoh

  • fuck flex

    dude is weak

  • Free Boosie Bad Azz! Biting is crazy.

    “I was hot at the Amoco”

  • Beaming


    Actually read what I wrote. I said they do lye about certain things but not everything.

    What he said was a slap to the American ppl. Black white purple yellow whatever,don’t hype that conspiracy shyt up. Niggas are illiterate and love to find the easy way for shit they can’t explain. ” ooooo it was the government ” fuk outta here with ya hipster I know everything attitude niggas are sheep.

  • Beaming

    Niggas comparing Joey to NAs don’t know hip hop. Ya opinions are worse than whack and ya pops wasn’t around to smack no damn sense into ya.

  • Yeah buddy


  • boss don

    very creative. sounds like a 90s album title.. non of that finally rich & famous bs.

  • watch my move$

    LOL @ comments
    i seen rip capital steez
    on the jersey dolla cab today

    thats bugd

  • StarFox64

    everything except the first video on worldstar that everyone deemed “90’s sound” has been wacksauce..

  • Y dont you all stop being complacent and needy hipsters and decide to listen to the album when it actually comes out. God damn this is the same behaviour u hate on OF fans for. The fucked up part is even when u listen to the album you will hate because it didnt meet your unrealistic expectations…

    “OH itz not black enough,” ” Oh it’s not NY enough” “Itz not 90s enough” GTFOH. Also Minorities, Why the fuck are you waiting for a black man to be intelligent in music ? Go read a book or something, these intelligent rappers are getting their subject matters from the same place you would aswell. You are like sheep waiting for a shepherd… Grow up please !

  • Realniggashit

    @ Logan Everyone wants to put rapper vs Nas but when the album drops we never see illmatic. I fucks with Joey let the you boy do him.

  • Black Shady

    LOL its just a matter of time until he sells out and yall get mad at him…just like THE REST OF THESE MUFUCKAZ!!!!

  • T

    Spectac – Looks Like Another Job for Spectac


    cool title

  • rahrahrah

    King MEZ, delivered with a strong intelligent balanced album. But then he did a bit of college and repped for his younger brother when his mom died, going to PTA meetings and such. My Everlasting Zeal was dope and I can share it with my young neices and nephews like I can my Bob Marley, Sizzla, PRT, and evem a lot of my Wu-tang collection.

    Wanting good content is not the same as wanting a shepherd, I didn’t think I would have to defend wanting good content? That’s a shame, “they’re just entertainers, not role models!”. That is the cry of the lost sheep.

  • It is cos without all the conscious rappers around, you all are not satisfied. Itz like blog fans want a one dimension hip-hop with everyone being conscious. Think about that for a second. Anyways like I said it doesn’t take a rapper or an academic education for you to be intelligent and enlightened, c’mon now !

  • with*

  • Brahsef

    Did ya’ll listen to 1999? It’s not like hes talib or mos but he def talks about real shit.

  • That Guy

    Last two comments of @Beaming: on point.

    “I’m the man’s man, a rapper’s rapper/ G-O-D S-O-N, there’ll be none after.” Alrighty, well that handles the Nas-Badass comparisons….

    …As for Badass. He’s good, has potential, but his “good” raps received far more attention than that level deserves. People are hopeful, I get it. We want another Nas, another Big, another great, but them dudes are like unicorns. You’re looking for something that’s simply not going to be there in this generation.

    Having that said, good for Joey. He’s eating off the lines he writes; more power to him.

  • That Guy

    Addendum: Commendations to all the dudes on this post, especially @Donn, @rahrahrah, @beaming, and @daredone for creating an intellectual forum wherein differing ideas are eloquently and civilly exchanged. Some of this culture’s artists, Nas, Outkast, Killer Mike, Talib, KRIT, etc. are geniuses in their own right and attract bright minds. This is a testament of that. Peace.

  • wacco

    checkout the new offical video Mind Racing Wacco Ft AuthenticB & Diamond

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  • hin

    the closest young rappers to nas are skooda chose, kdot and jay elect