• nemizzo

    Best track of the day!!!

  • TheOne

    dis mixtape gonna go hard

  • Xpac

    His voice tone sound like Big Sean

  • Joe

    los is the truth. for real

  • troofy

    Is it los or king los? i’m getting confused!

  • DJ Game

    Her vocals are on point.

  • Goldenboy

    He sounds like Lupe Fiasco.. Its dope!

  • watch my move$

    he just need a look bro,
    he got the same album cover as cass LOL

  • Djaone

    Has Los and Big Sean always sounded/flowed alike?

  • ddave

    Los sounds like a more lyrical/refined version of Big Sean on this track. Damn good song! Feeling this track! Looking forward to Becoming King to come out.

  • Dave

    this is really good.especially the girls vocals.shes giving me a jhene aiko/rochelle jordan vibe.and los and wiz killed it

  • Goldenboy

    He don’t sound like no damn big sean

  • Joe

    sad thing is he will never be anything with diddy

  • Crooks


  • wacco

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