Taylor Swift Brings Out B.o.B In Atlanta

Ms. Swift rolled out her Red tour into a sold-out Phillips Arena yesterday evening. During her performance, she brought out the city’s Bobby Ray for a live rendition of their duet, “Both Of Us“.


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  • LIMB0


  • T

    b.o.b so good its sucks

    wish he could make real rap

    B.O.B – No Future

  • fuck

    Just fuckin came.

    Taylor would get a pounding.

  • urrrr

    b.o.b is not hip hop

  • @Lmao

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  • Black Shady

    damn her ass flat as fuck lol

  • nigga slim

    He a weak ass nigga but I’d give my right eye to bang her. She’s a royal snowbunny.

  • logan

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