New Music: Cassidy x Jomo K. Johnson “Amazing Grace”

amazing grace-cover

Cassidy and pastor Jomo K. Johnson will be releasing their collaborative EP and book, Behind the B.A.R.S. on April 30 and graces us with their latest single. Says Cassidy:

“They say that your entire life flashes before your eyes before death. This book consists of what flashed before me the night of my near-fatal car accident. Some of these events I have not shared with anyone.”


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  • I always love the messages of things like this, but I can never really get into the execution. Doesn’t feel organic. This is why I love bands like Switchfoot. They make Christian music but its not blatant and it meshes so well into your mind on a smooth sonic level.

    Don’t know what to say about this.

  • Nickey Black

    I can’t stand images of a white Jesus.

    Its disgusting and I can’t click this track if this is what Cassidy believes in.

  • Israel

    Thank you Nickey Black! Death to esau…

  • DJ Game

    Well Jesus was white, deal with it.


    I respect the message and it’s a decent although the beat is kinda wack. I guess they were trying to make it diverse, like the comment above I think the execution could have been better. If you listen to Bizzle his messages are on point as well as the beats. Also Lecrae from the one song I heard from him.

  • johnny

    Nicky i agree. need to do away with the white jesus.

  • Jules

    I wish he never shared this song.

  • hazz

    What is white Jesus doing to that black man on the cover tho.

  • zeee

    slave were given religion by the white man and the white man today doesn’t even believe in it. its like going to the Chinese take out and you never see the Chinese eat the food they selling. Black folks are all the way fuck up in the game.

  • Israel

    DJ Game PROVE jesus was white.

  • zeee

    @israel i bet dj game will say its because of all the “photographs” he seen of a white jesus that proves it. haha

  • LOL

    ain’t that pastor the same dude who was beefing with Meek?

  • Dashing

    This is NOT good. Lecrae knows how to mesh religious themes in his music without making it offputting. This is just too much..

    The last verse is just ridiculous.

    Good Lord!

  • vinfromtheville

    Jesus in the bible was a north African Hebrew, that’s a white man

  • HouTex

    It Doesnt matter what color jesus was..i dont believe in race, race is made up to divide.

  • HouTex

    The song is pretty good by the way.

  • @BlueScalise

    You can’t hang around Jerusalem for 30 years and don’t wear no hat and stay white.

  • Oj da Cornball


  • the brain trust

    It Doesnt matter what color jesus was..i dont believe in race, race is made up to divide.

    False. There are biological & genetic differences between people (which are consistent along racial lines).

    There’s no good reason to even believe that Jesus was a real person. And if he was, he certainly wasn’t Causasian.

  • Nickey Black

    Definitely a sensitive issue to some.

    Pick up Dr.Yocef Ben Johannan: The need for a Black bible

    You will find ya explanation of a NON WHITE JESUS

    Plus its so much more stuff that have facts of Jesus being NON WHITE