• truth

    everything OF gets better and better

  • z7ra_Vv

    Hodgy really shined on this one.

  • Slim Baller

    I hate odd future and it’s affiliates smh.
    1) Their beats suck
    2) Their rap topics are awful
    3) Their flow is off

    And when I say “their” I don’t mean ALL of them I mean most of them. There are a few odd future rappers I fuck with but Tyler the creator is the worst

  • logan

    these the only guys ima fan of out of OF.mellowhype never dissapoints and mellowhigh just males it doper.i dont know how people could be a fan of tyler he just talks on records and earl sweartshirt is overrated nigga just mumbles gibberish on records and all the rest of OF dont have talent they just mooch of they friends syd is a whack lesbo dj, the others are weak djs and wtf does taco does?! but yo this is a dope song

  • StarFox64

    @slimballer agree, the fuck is this supposed to be, i cant get jiggy to this shit..

  • imwhite

    what kind of car is the 4dr they’re riding around in?

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    noticed that, domo getting getting good too, this is not bad, pretty good