• DJ Game

    why are travis scott & action bronson around? corny and wack as fuck!

  • DeezNuts

    dope shit…travis was impressive

  • StarFox64

    fuck with it

  • it’s the roc

    surprisingly, i actually thought soulo was the weakest. but this was cool. joey badass and action set it off right. badass is just crazy ill

  • j


    im not even a bronson fan, but he went the hardest…wasnt too impressed with any of em tho

  • OhLetsDoit

    Travis’ verse caught me off guard. his flow was the craziest. This whole freestyle was really dope, 9.5/10

  • Swirv

    Joey did some different shit too dope

  • J. Wilks

    SOUL !

  • bob

    damn travis was dope as fuck.

  • Mister B

    Not a huge Travis fan, but he went in. Soul hade sick bars as always 2

  • Showboat

    Hottest Bar Ab-Soul -“Bring your Mrs. through my entrance thats a Mis-take (Ms. Take)”

    Dude that said Ab-Soul was the weakest is smoking something.

    Ab-Soul>Joey Bad> Action > Travis

  • stefano c

    joey was finally impressive to me…..either way i thought the whole thing was dope….good job felas

  • JL


  • K.I.N.G

    @Showboat wow one cute little punchline, that nigga was boring af, joey too, y’all niggas must be from the east and west respectfully. travis and bronson took this.

  • Set303

    Damn. I’m not gonna lie. They were all dope in some sort capacity.

  • Trey_lb

    a sick flow with nice lyrics will always trump punchlines that are literally spoken over a beat lol
    that being said, scott got off

  • UGM Records

    This is what’s new on the horizon http://youtu.be/p93HOtRLLiU

  • UGM Records
  • Tdac

    Action Bronson the best

  • A

    pretty sure that’s DJ Drama on the 1s and 2s, not Jahlil Beats

  • @xxlaflame

    Now yall niggaz can stop bull shittinn on my manz travis scott, that nigga can really rap

  • gabriel

    LOL that means Q gon be with all them corny ass muhfuckas.

    props everybody brought something dope to that cypher tho

  • Roy

    Bronson had the best verse it wasnt even close…..Soul had one of the weakest verses I EVER heard from him…joey was cool but yeah travis caught me off guard…I expected soul to go much harder…bronson went off

  • Vins

    Oh wait I get it now. Yall think Travis Scott got off because yall understood what he was saying and he did that same flow that everybody else uses. And hating on Soul because you cant comprehend the things he is saying with such genius wordplay.

  • yourstruly

    travis scott suprised the shit out of me. why cant his music be like that!!!

  • Paul

    Travis Scott continues to kill it! Owl Pharaoh gonna be great. Joey went hard but all his verses sound the same to me.

  • It’s the roc


    Comprehended every bar of soulo’s bro. Ill bars. But the way he came across didn’t inspire anything in me. Saying ill things and being ill are two separate things. Maybe it was because he went after action, who was fired up for this

  • Jaymalls

    8/10 times, Travis is LYRICALLY ass… But he went off on this! I truly think he is next up after Drake. MUSICALLY, he just has it! I think, Ye just needs to continue molding him for another year!

  • Black Shady


  • bucks

    truth be told i thought soul was gona go harder but joey beast dem nigaz lol bronson went in too infact this was dope cant wait to hear Q and logic

  • Vins

    @It’s the roc

    I agree, but I think that is the way Soul delivers when it comes to freestyles/cyphers. If you heard this verse on a record you would probably find it alot doper. With that being said, check that track he did with Twista. Amen.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    DOPE even tho i thought trav was kinda wack, this was f’ing great- good hiphop is good hiphop my n words

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  • young

    cant wait to hear LOGIC in a cypher !!!

  • Showboat

    “I stay shitting like a sick pigeon?” Thats what got ya’ll hype from Bronson???!! And Travis sounds like any other guy thats on the radio now.

    Soul and Bada$$. period

  • Showboat

    My question is if you are not going to display wordplay and lyricism then why even rap?

    Go be a hypeman or something

  • Tonexjets

    Everyone killed it, goodshit

  • flo

    everyone did good. travis scott was a bit corny to me.

  • Chronic

    travis scott shouldn’t have been included in this

  • Action Bronson killed it! And the beat was on point!

  • Swirv

    Joey too raw with his vocab

  • P Bateman

    BadA$$ came off the head so you gotta give him props for that. lol @ DJ Game Bronson and Travis came the illest. Ab-Soul was bustin too. Overall an impressive cypher

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  • jamesrowdy29

    Joey was the best, I want to give Travis props but the 1st part was too obvious that it was written, action was boring and Ab soul wasnt saying nothin.

  • Jayman

    Ab soul and [email protected]