Gillie Da Kid “VIP Saturday” Freestyle

Gillie found his way to Shade 45 this past weekend and kicked a freebie over on Superstar Jay’s show on Shade 45. Afterward, he also spoke on his musical endeavors and film projects.

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  • dopeness


  • StarFox64

    lol he dissed santana haha..

  • FTW

    Clown? Really?

    You have to notice the style.

    It’s obvious GDK wrote for CMB and where Wayne got his whole style.

    The shit is almost identical.


  • Chubby

    …dude been rapping for 17 yrs… and now he’s “bout to drop…” again? dawg. chill. #corny

  • Buggin Out!

    Naw, Gillie can spit for seasons! Whether he drop or not, he can go toe to toe, bar for bar with the best of ’em.

    He shoulda been got signed.

  • Devante

    Gillie is nice, but he’s one those dudes who’s better off play the cuts ghostwriting

  • dj Cognac

    If Gillie was to focus on nusic forreal forreal he would be one of the illiest in the game. A small revamp and he could easily do what 2 chainz or Pusha has done. I just feel like at this point Gillies on cruise control with the bars. With all due respect to the undisputed King of Philly.