• Fardous27

    My god.

  • matrix

    My nigg always bodying shit…Brooklyn niggg…Chuuch!!!

  • The Wise

    These cats feel way off..nobody checkin for this..i not even goin to attempt listen to this trash they fuck up too hard with that last album..go fuck urselves u lost 1

  • PistolPistol

    >>> everything on that slaughterhouse .
    Damn! Lol

  • JustMyOpinion

    FLATBUSH. We in here. 😉

  • PistolPistol

    ^not wise

  • Derrt

    Very good, sucks he will never drop a solo album.

  • This nigga has been killing all his freestyles

  • chan

    dammmn he really killed this

  • Itsfarfromover1

    Thirsty. Make some original music

  • Dope he should of saved those bars for his own beat though, that type of Rhymes is what albums are called classic

  • mike


  • Old ass nigga

    God damn he murdered this

  • Evil

    Ortiz destroyed it.
    So much doper than the original one.

  • hammy

    Now go make an original song that gets this kind of buzz homie. Every time I see dudes freestyle over someones else’s hit song I immediately show no love.

  • The Wise

    @hammer exactly

    These guys has yet to drop original new music..i dont dislike em out the the group him an royce are dope but nobodys gonna ride around bumpin freestyles…question why when hov drops a dope verse on a slight song like open letter…no other new york rapper can do the same..its not that difficult..new york rap aint dead…these cats jus aint doin it right

  • lickit

    better then drizzy…..why yes i think it is lol

  • Tdac

    what happend to the yaowa mixtape

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  • killacountry

    I can’t wait till Slaughterhouse’s new album drops foreal i’m ready

  • JassÃ¥FromSwe



  • Candyman

    Ok haters bye ! Who cares if its over another beat or not slaughter all day ! All these other. So called mcs need to step up there lyrical content ! Em slaughter fab no one nicer then them hands down period


    slaughtered drake and his soft ass bars. drake just be rapping bout money nd shit nigga needs to not everyone can relate to that especially my hood people,

  • Darrius

    I got the nasty face on while listening to this. Bodybag flow from Mr.Ortiz.

  • king

    its hard as fuck. for real ortiz leave them cats beat and just keep dropping your original shit. every now and then you cud jack a nigga shit and show him how to do it but we want new shit

  • king

    but that was hard as fuck…..dam