• JustMyOpinion

    Something for the ladies. Cool.
    On another note:
    <<<<< y'all Went hard on "you played yourself." Damn.
    That dude Rocko is a disappointment, covering your ears though? Really? You reaching.

    Our culture always have to be the scapegoat.

  • Get Real

    One of my favorite songs off the album, but 3 things:

    1. Why are you pushing a record from a project released almost a year ago while promoting a brand new project before the actual visual? I mean why not just let everything from GFID live in the past and strictly promote Mastermind?

    2. I’m going to need Dre Films to tell an actual narrative in their visuals. Most of Ross’ records have a story within them, albeit made up or whatever, and very few are about him rapping in front of a high-end luxury vehicle w/ random shots of food, champagne, & women. So much more could’ve been done visually for this record.

    3. Omarion should’ve talked Ross into letting him have this song as his lead single b/c it’s too good to be a throw away record and better than just about every other single Omarion has released from MMG.

  • IM730

    can someone tell me the lyrics that Jay says on kanyes monster?? (i know its a homage to jedi) but still tell me it aint hilarious that that nigga gets a team, a stadium, new concert deals, new record deals, and ross gets dropped from reeebockk haaaa!

  • Facts

    @ Get Real
    It’s simple. You disregard the point that faggots who wanna listen to officer Ricky diminished like hell within the last 12 months. Game over

    Also LMAO @ Young Scooter being sentenced to eight months in jail

  • Tdac

    he used dope boy 7 times

  • LuckyLefty

    Were those Reeboks burning at the end? Never bought a pair so couldn’t really tell…

  • As Real As It Gets

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn! Where’s the BTS pics of “You Gon Learn Today” yellowfan?

  • obla

    man this album was some boo boo. and this was one of the worst songs on that boo boo album. we saw the rise of rick ross…. now were watching the painful,slow, fall of the fatboy.

  • Jeff the butcher

    Why is buddy screaming like that? Where the fuck is Masspike? He was better off singing that shit not that gay ass nigga who we don’t believe!

  • chardelra

    these niggas wont me back. fuck mmg and anybody who support you fake muhfuckas.

  • Realist

    Yo B.Dot i didnt wanna have to say this but you guys are actually dick riders… why didnt u put rozay himself on the “You Played Yourself” section huh?! he played himself the hardest .. or is he gonna stop signing the cheques? huh?

  • Peadar Danilewicz

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  • LikeJordan45


    oh and those were clearly Jordans burning, not Reeboks