New Video: T.I. Ft. B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar, & Kris Stephens “Memories Back Then”

Memories don’t live like people do. But T.I. and his comrades reflect on their past relationships. These verses are three times dope. Download the track on iTunes here.

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  • DJ Game

    love this record, and love the video. i miss meaningful records like these in the mainstream.

  • Jav

    this is real hip hop..amazing song..amazing video..both stories like i said real music!!

  • Showboat

    Liked T.I.’s verses the best.

  • Killaz

    kendrick killed it !

  • Honestly

    This is just fucking dope I pray music goes back to how it’s suppose to be. This was just real. Everybody killed it. 3 different story’s amazing props y’all

  • Daan

    the way kendrick rides the beat is incredible

  • caliking

    real music this girl got an amazing voice on her dope collabo , props.

  • Jacob

    Imma be real I love but b.o.b had this one

  • Chubby

    Every dude can relate to this one… one of the three verses, everybody has experienced in some shape or form. Great song.

  • stuart scotts eye

    good verses from all 3..nice vid but damnn this beat has big krit written all over itt

  • LouisDaKing

    this song is a hit !!!!

  • it’s the roc

    great great record

  • UnknownUniverse

    All three did their usual thing. Kendick sure is p-p-poping! Dude is every where.

  • almost

    not a fan of kendrick but he killed them

  • Killaz

    Kendrick was amazing here, big props boy

  • theChef

    I love them all but kendrick proved again how you have to rap on this kind of beat, he is impressive

  • sPaWnY

    Kendrick absolutely murdered this

  • Hol’Up

    man, that is a bad music video for sucha dope song

  • chardelra

    i retract all acronyms. i relate to this. great song.

  • Despite

    Kendrick can literally do no wrong.

  • Trey_lb

    @almost he killed nothing other than his own verse


    This just sounds like a hit.

  • ambitiousmami10

    Great song and video,exactly what hip hop needs right now, T.I. and Kendrick killed it

  • stephen

    Wooo, dudes riped this beat up with those verses. I love storytelling Rap. Hip-Hop.

  • Peadar Danilewicz

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  • That Guy

    lyrically, it’s a tough call between T.I and Kendrick. In terms of the music video, Kendrick’s verse was most creative.

  • young

    Dope song

  • Black Shady

    they all killed it

  • deez

    mick romney huh

  • watchthethrone

    fuck you and mitt romney!!! hahah beautiful song, they all did their thing

  • chardelra

    acronyms back activated pussass niggas!!!!!! GOT INFLUENCE? apparently! all yall verses fuckin wack.. LOL and i only like the choruses i heard from the females. damn my queens killin shit.

  • G

    i like this song. T.I had the best verse story-wise, Kendrick had the best flow

  • As Real As It Gets

    Stories where real but that hook sucks.

  • Shamba Menelek

    Kendrick bodied it with the flo. They all did they thing tho. The hook was weak tho. Ti probably had the best story tho.

    Not bad.

  • TJP

    Kendrick was great as usual – But T.I. had the best verse!