• DJ Game

    love this record, and love the video. i miss meaningful records like these in the mainstream.

  • Jav

    this is real hip hop..amazing song..amazing video..both stories like i said real music!!

  • Showboat

    Liked T.I.’s verses the best.

  • Killaz

    kendrick killed it !

  • Honestly

    This is just fucking dope I pray music goes back to how it’s suppose to be. This was just real. Everybody killed it. 3 different story’s amazing props y’all

  • Daan

    the way kendrick rides the beat is incredible

  • caliking

    real music this girl got an amazing voice on her dope collabo , props.

  • Jacob

    Imma be real I love k.dot but b.o.b had this one

  • Chubby

    Every dude can relate to this one… one of the three verses, everybody has experienced in some shape or form. Great song.

  • stuart scotts eye

    good verses from all 3..nice vid but damnn this beat has big krit written all over itt

  • LouisDaKing

    this song is a hit !!!!

  • it’s the roc

    great great record

  • UnknownUniverse

    All three did their usual thing. Kendick sure is p-p-poping! Dude is every where.

  • almost

    not a fan of kendrick but he killed them

  • Killaz

    Kendrick was amazing here, big props boy

  • theChef

    I love them all but kendrick proved again how you have to rap on this kind of beat, he is impressive

  • sPaWnY

    Kendrick absolutely murdered this

  • Hol’Up

    man, that is a bad music video for sucha dope song

  • chardelra

    i retract all acronyms. i relate to this. great song.

  • Despite

    Kendrick can literally do no wrong.

  • Trey_lb

    @almost he killed nothing other than his own verse


    This just sounds like a hit.

  • ambitiousmami10

    Great song and video,exactly what hip hop needs right now, T.I. and Kendrick killed it

  • stephen

    Wooo, dudes riped this beat up with those verses. I love storytelling Rap. Hip-Hop.

  • Peadar Danilewicz

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  • That Guy

    lyrically, it’s a tough call between T.I and Kendrick. In terms of the music video, Kendrick’s verse was most creative.

  • young

    Dope song

  • Black Shady

    they all killed it

  • deez

    mick romney huh

  • watchthethrone

    fuck you and mitt romney!!! hahah beautiful song, they all did their thing

  • chardelra

    acronyms back activated pussass niggas!!!!!! GOT INFLUENCE? apparently! all yall verses fuckin wack.. LOL and i only like the choruses i heard from the females. damn my queens killin shit.

  • G

    i like this song. T.I had the best verse story-wise, Kendrick had the best flow

  • As Real As It Gets

    Stories where real but that hook sucks.

  • Shamba Menelek

    Kendrick bodied it with the flo. They all did they thing tho. The hook was weak tho. Ti probably had the best story tho.

    Not bad.

  • TJP

    Kendrick was great as usual – But T.I. had the best verse!