Rap Radar Interviews Wyclef Jean

After selling over 18 million records, Wyclef’s bringing his vibes to the mixtape circuit with next weeks release, April Showers. In the first portion of our sit down, he speaks on the project, working with Young Chop and instrumentation. Tape drops April 29th.

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  • StarFox64

    im surprised no howling laughs this time..

  • The Wise

    Intrested to see how this turns out..wyclef a legend..

  • DJ Game

    Please get rid of these spammers. Seriously it’s annoying as fuck just seeing them post.

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  • O’Shea Jackson

    Why Wyclef out of EVERYBODY to have what appears to be the first branded Rap Radar interview. If you’re going to come out with your first video interview pod the same day Combat Jack comes out with his first interview pod…you…well

    Shit, put it like this – Reggie got Thought as his first joint. Wyclef is cool and all that, but no one really is looking to hear Wyclef talk. More.

    How much the nigga Clef paid yall? Tell the truth.

  • NYC

    Uhmm, maybe cause he got a mixtape coming out genius?

  • Peadar Danilewicz

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  • O’Shea Jackson

    @NYC – mixtapes come out everyday. Do they interview every person who makes a damn mixtape?


    Try again fool

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