New Music: Maino & The Mafia “Fuck These Industry Niggas”

Maino Presents "THE MAFIA" New Mix Tape

As per Rule 4080, Maino and his platoon give a middle finger to industry fuck boys. This is something we’ve all said at one time or another. The Mafia EP coming soon.


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  • fh


  • County Of Kings

    if this is anti industry, then i guess i’m pro industry then

  • mr.lino

    I c maino going the 50 route actin tuff tryna bully…wherez 50 now?????

  • Realist

    Can’t shit on the game that puts $ in your pocket. You can isolate yourself if u want to but you’re gonna cut your own hand off. We all know Maino is never gonna be a platinum selling artist. I think he even knows it. There’s always someone tougher than you so that act is only gonna last but so long. Everybody wanna be PAC. But PAC made hits so his outlaw mentality was tolerated because he made not only himself $ but other people $ as well. Will Maino be relevant 5 yrs from now? We shall see.

  • Javi

    HAHAHAHA this is funny. but true though. people in the industry are just cutthroat people.

  • LoverofHipHop

    @mr.lino I think 50 was a terrible example to use, 50 is all over the place still (in a good way) and worth over 100 million dollars. If that’s not winning I don’t know what is. I think a better example of what happens when you try to go the pure tough guy route and say fuck doing business with folks is suge knight. Now where he is and what he’s up to is a better question.

    Gotta agree with @Realist 100%.

  • @BlueScalise

    All theses niggas wish they was INDUSTRY niggas instead of InDaStreet niggas. That shit was cool at 16, not 30 nigga. Old dirty nigga. Still holding blades in you mouth nigga. GET A JOB NIGGA!!!

  • Sassy


  • jamesrowdy29

    Thats why they aint never gonna blow up, Instead of saying fuck the industry they should be maneuvering in the industry with out compromising themselves, try changing the industry for the better.