• realbruh

    i blinked and trinidad james was done.

  • King James

    “Jew(el)s hanging like a fuckin’ Nazi”

    – Kirko Bangz

  • J. Wilks

    trinidad is ass. shout out to Kirko tho for doin his thang and actually FREESTYLING. young kirko always spittin off the top. TDE over errythang tho. GROOVY Q

  • it’s the roc

    kirko bangz can’t possibly be this bad of a rapper. trinidad james was in and out faster than a virgin. pause. and then schoolboy q came on and killed it and made up for both of them.

  • brza

    What is this beat? ScHoolboy Q was nice.



  • gabriel

    why trinidad be lookin like a fuckin pirate?

  • Evil

    Kirko was wack as fuck same goes for trinidad james,he only spit for 20sec or soemthing.
    School boy Q rescued this feestyle but i expected more to be honest.Still alot better than those wacks.

  • smfh

    these new rappers are so garbage its not even fair

  • Hear me out nah

    School boy killed it. I have no idea why trianadad James part so short lol he gotta start taking this serious id love to be in his position.

  • ShoNuff718

    This is a prime example of SWAG RAP(Trinidad, Kirko)= Real rap actual content and bars (Q)

  • StarFox64

    schoolboyq got the shit end of the cypher stick..

  • Showboat

    That beat was too cold . . . how did they not DESTROY that track?

    Q did his thing though. Glad they put him last.

  • watch my move$

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ trinidad son omfg this to funny son ll$$$$$

  • CJ

    Like…Kirko Bangz is a fucking joke. At least Trinidad kept I short.

  • no.1

    They all sucked .. schoolboy q maybe had a dope verse but he didnt flow with the beat so made that shit wack

  • Original Ty

    Q was easily the best but even he didn’t really present his rhyme in a way that would have given it more impact. That same rhyme spit different could have stopped the presses. A cypher ain’t the place to spit nonchalant.

    The other two don’t even deserve a mention.

  • Sgt.Pepper

    laughing @ Gabriel

    Trinidad look like a pirate lol

    Q mopped both up. and these are the freshmen???????????????????

  • drew

    I hate to be that cynical hip hop fan but damn. Wackness every where! Kirko make me miss drake menstruating ass. TJ seems like a cool dude but he got the game fooled theres more to come he’ll be kreayshawn in a year. Q aint the best at on the spot rappin. The FIRST cypher will be best even Logic cant save it

  • jamesrowdy29

    Kirko look sweet so I cant take him serious, I dont like his autotune shit any way, when James 1st came out I literally though it was a comedy skit but then I saw his interviews and gain respect but now his lack of skill has been exposed since then so he is back in clown territory and School boy is overrated worst in tde. Terrible Freshman class

  • hmmm

    Q killed it. Kirko and Trinidad seemed a little outta breath on their verses lol…schoolboy stays killing it

  • Ha

    Trinidad James STAY losing

  • Crewz Control

    HiiiPower ya BIsh … Fuck the rest