KiD CuDi Indicud Debuts High On Charts

kid cudi

Although Cudi’s no longer with Kanye, it’s still all good. His third solo LP, Indicud has landed this week at #2 on Billboard after moving 136,000 in it’s first week. That’s one giant leap for the man on the moon.

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  • @BlueScalise

    Any nigga should be good with a hundred thou now a days…

  • Facts

    Not Hip Hop

  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    Solid fucking album refreshing and original. Thank God its not just “Hip Hop”.

  • Get Real

    That album is TOUGH!!! Gets a little weird at the tail end of it but the first 2/3s of the album is nothing short of amazing.

  • Champ is here

    When are people gonna understand that Kid Cudi isn’t Rap/Hip Hop? He has his own genre. Dude is a fucking artist and he doesn’t want to limit himself.

  • Joe

    not a good album at all. stop dick riding. hasnt released anything good since his first album

  • Great album. I don’t understand why people would comment just to hate. You have nothing better to do with your day I see. grab a job

  • Facts

    We understand that he does not belong to this genre

    We do not understand Cudi being on this website which claims to be called RAP Radar

  • Shit You Need to Know

    @facts Well his music is heavily influenced by hip hop and his album features other hip hop artists so that why he’s on thid website. Great album btw

  • good for him

    Its well deserved

  • Unfuckwittable


  • watch my move$


  • Gerald Green Basedgod

    This was WEAK AS HELL….No matter what kid cudi puts out his fans are going to think its great.Kid cudi is 1/4 when it comes to projects,He hasn’t released anything good since the first album.

  • smfh

    nothing lik motm or motm 2 ok album

  • ayyeee

    The album is ok, MOTM 2 is his best.

  • ?!?!

    This album had great production and great features. It was an overall great album. Once you get passed the fact that he isn’t a hiphop artist but an is an artist you’ll learn to appreciate his music. If Kanye were to do an album like this what would you rate it?

  • Despite

    MOTM 1 is his best but this was tight too. My only complaint is that every good song other than Brothers had already come out as singles before the album dropped.

  • what about my boy Andy Mineo selling 28,000 first week on his debut independently! give #christianrap some props

  • fastflipper

    For real who bought that ????

    Cudi got no skillz

  • Obama

    Fuck.. They got this dude wearing a dress now too.. SMDH!!!

  • The album was fucking trash and cudi was barely on it. I don’t know what the fuck you people are smoking.

  • koa29

    136k with no radio single. Lol puts niggas who get all this industry push (MGK, Trinidad James, etc.) to shame.

    @ “…”

    Cudi was barely on it? Are you retarded bro? “Do you listen to music or you just skim through it”

  • Chronic

    the album was alright, had a couple really good songs, and a few that were just way too far out there for me

  • onenutned

    women lie, men hate, numbers mean this nigga doin his thing. not even close to a cudi fan.

  • Champ is here

    @Obama It was a t-shirt tied around his waist.

  • KoldCase

    this was a great album

    sure it wasnt better than his first or even second album, but still a great album

    fuck a hater

  • The Wise

    I dont even mess with kid cudi that much cuz it seem lik his mysic was gettin too weirdd but this album is deffinetly dope! Better then any of his previous wrk by far

  • f*ck your opinion

    completely enamoured by this album. kid cudi skyrocketed up my list of favorite artists when i heard this album .truly respect the man as an artist and really love the message hes conveying. the man has his head completely out the box which is really admirable . think the whole album is great. even the micheal bolton record which is just a fuckin awesome feel good record. who else could make a song work with micheal bolton in the rao game ? who?! ask yourself that. i had his old records but never really got truly into them . this record was so good it made me go back and i realized hes been this dope all along . but i think this is his strongest album to date. bought my copy after downloading it for free just to support great music from a great artist . support the best download the rest 🙂

  • Showboat

    Yea I loved man on the moon, but I am going to be honest about this album. Outside of the singles, (King Wizard, Girls, Just What I Am) this album was pretty bad. I know he is an “artist” but this was very hard to listen to.

  • Phil

    Surprised he did better numbers than 50’s last album–even after the leak and the date change. Not a CuDi fan because of how awful his music is, but cool for him.

  • kallywood

    Showboat says:
    Thursday, April 25 2013 at 8:58 AM EST
    Yea I loved man on the moon, but I am going to be honest about this album. Outside of the singles, (King Wizard, Girls, Just What I Am) this album was pretty bad. I know he is an “artist” but this was very hard to listen to.


  • Playboy69

    ALBUM IS TRASH!….Kid Cudi fell off!..And G.O.O.D. Music will not miss him!

  • Yeah buddy

    12 year olds bought it