• King

    Yea, This goes hard.. Glad it’s mixed well, not like those choppy a** tupac vocals on That tyga song

  • young

    4 kings on the same tracks, nice

  • Chubby

    Damn…. Pimp verse was TOUGH.

  • watch my move$

    LOL @ juice verse wow

    make sure pimp kids get his bread
    u gonna market this shit likefuck for
    itunes numbers nigga lol

    damn tip lololol

  • watch my move$

    southern rap at its finest rite chea
    rap game to weak lolol

    niggaz rapn like they seen new bentleys they cant afford

  • mike

    Tip got busy on this….RIP C the pimp

  • fredtheFATson

    I would listen to it if juicy j wasn’t in it

  • TDE

    Woooooohh! T.I. Murdered this shit

  • caseyp

    RIP to the pimp

  • Your Father

    Got chills hearing the Pimp’s voice again. RIP Pimp-C! UGK4Life!

  • Why So Serious

    He should of added Bun B and make it a UGK feature

  • Kid Cassette

    Damn Juicy J murked it!!!!!

  • StarFox64

    they need to hurry up that juicy j release date, tracklist, album cover,…..

  • bucks

    lol dam pimp went in!

  • The pimp

    Man best T.i. In years he murdered that shit

  • nigga creep

    Man I miss Pimp C. So many weak ass niggas rappin now and he’d call em out too. Juice BEEN that nigga though

  • jai

    Tip slayed this…….

  • DoinTooMuch

    Damn. Why can’t TIP always spit like this? smh