New Video: Mac Miller “S.D.S.”

Don’t change that dial or attempt to turn off the sound. Mac Man throws on his cape and saves the day in the first visual off his forthcoming album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

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  • Yep

    Not bad

  • Canyonero

    This is dope as fuck. Mac’s come a long way. Wathcing Movies With The Sound Off has potential. Glad to see him doing what he wants.


    He needs to articulate more. Not even hating Logic bout to surpass dude…Gonna be battle of the white boys in a couple years. Can’t wait gonna be very entertaining. White boys beefing.

  • COOL..

    mac miller = kiddie rap..

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    I fuck with Mac but Rittz is the hardest white boy out.

  • john james

    garbage…….how are they gonna just jock that eminem video with the superhero.and then mix it with half baked… originality……this dude is trash….only 14 year olds like him…boooo!!! faggot rap…. booo!!! this dude needs to move back to the midwest and get out of my town…ima knock his ass out if i see him walkin around…..fuckin faggot

  • f*ck your opinion

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt…. shyt was dope as fuck lol

  • StarFox64

    lol this shit is trippy as fuck..

  • ShamGAWD

    Fake ass Eminem

  • Dub town

    Go to datpiff search n8o the mixtapes Fyfr Ill ass white dude

  • hammy

    fuck white rappers

  • pinetreesmcgee

    what does him being whtie have to do with anything? if you fuck with his music, then fuck with it. if not why are you even wasting your time hatin in a comment section? and not just mac, that goes for any artist.

  • wiiroc

    @Murrland Logic is black like Obama, Drake and J Cole. Some folk see light skin and just see white//smh

  • DEF


  • J

    SUPER dope

  • Corey Haim…?