• Derrt

    Dope. Keep it going VADO

  • Realist


  • rahrahrah

    That’s it right there.

  • Tef

    The way I see it, Vado is one of the coolest and dopest out. I wasn’t feeling him signing with Khaled, but if they let this man do his own thing in his own lane and keep him out of Rick Ross and Wayne features, he’ll be in a good place for a minute.

  • wow

    Yo, was this on slime 3? I’m still banging it in the rotation and swear i’ve never heard this banger

  • Get Real

    This is Vado’s lane. Minus that 2nd verse w/ his Ace Hood impression. I think he’s still raw but he’s rounding into form on his latest releases …

  • Lundy

    This def wasn’t on slime flu 3! Should of been tho #DisShitRaw

  • markmyword

    this kid makes no sense wit his rhymes..he just rhymes to rhyme…no reason…

  • hammy

    Cam would kill dis shit

  • Kush

    @markmyword I see where you coming from here, But slime flu 3 was nothing like that it was sick. This was a pretty good song/video but nothing special Vado can do better. Him banks fab gotta make that group already n shit on the game

  • jiggaman

    vado one of the realist out .. representing nyc heavy



  • realness718

    dont care for his lyrics… that beat though… epic as hell

  • bumpy johnson

    real dope , glad for vado ……..

  • mike sniff


  • James

    Dude is a lyricist if you don’t get his rhymes stop listening to rap.