Rap Radar Interviews Wyclef Jean Pt. 3

Picking up where we left off, Wyclef gives a breakdown of his Mary J. Blige duet and Fugees “Ready Or Not”. He caps off the interview with a special rendition of “911”. Pull your girl up next to you and enjoy. After the jump check out Choppa Zoe’s studio session with Clef. April Showers drops April 29th.

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  • it’s the roc

    wow, y’all are sleeping on the comments, parts 2 and 3 of this interview were great!

  • asdfas

    damn makes me wish i could play the guitar

  • Twatcher

    I usually never comment on the blog, even though I visit the site about 5 times a day, but I’ll make an exception since the regular commenters are sleeping hard on wyclef. He’s undeniably a musical genius and this video helped me appreciate what he has mean to the music we grew up on, thanks radar,, unfortunately because of the seemily lack of interest in the video, you guys may not feel incentive to publish content of its kind. Which is ashame because they help us understand how much of an art form hiphop is, a fact that’s easy to forget when we are constantly bombarded by the unoriginal cookie cutter stuff

  • It’s the roc


    You never have to comment again, retire on top. That was straight gospel.

  • Rockradar


  • Shamba Menelek

    Wyclef is a Musical Genius. And All around talent, Producing ,Song Writing, Singing, Mc’ing, Guitar Player etc