Tyler The Creator Mountain Dew Ad

The Odd Future head honcho is not featured in the clip, but he directs and does the voice-over for Felicia The Goat in this Mountain Dew ad. Kids.

UPDATE: Ad number two.

UPDATE 2: Ad number three.

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  • Sad Thug

    “Do a commercial and you are off the artistic roll call forever” -Bill Hicks

  • The Wise

    Ur never gonna catch meeeeee

  • gammaboi
  • Dashing

    There’s a difference between directing a commercial and using your image/music to sell a commercial.

    One shows your versatility and the other one exploits your fame/music to sell a product. He’s not selling out here. He’s just adding his own weirdness to a Mountain Dew commercial while not actually appearing in it. I respect it.

  • Grime

    @ Dashing

    “his own weirdness” = image

    Not to mention the Loiter Squad plug at the end, and the obvious, distinctive voice… but whatever. I don’t really care if he’s selling out or not, cuz I’m not really a fan in the first place. But that commercial wasn’t even close to funny.

  • ^ Is it just me or does Odd Future have the fakest rap buzz in hip hop history. Can’t find 5 genuine Odd Future fans excluding Frank Ocean who isn’t all that great to me either.

  • new rule ..no more directing gigs for this dude… stick to music..have a nice day

  • The Wise

    this shit was hilarious..mother fuckers needa a sense of humor..EXPOLOITING Artist..WHO THE FUCK ARE U GUYs LABEL EXECs..LET THE KIDD DO HIS THING..MOTHER FUCKERS LOVE TO HATE!

  • leti

    wow. there are way too many old niggas on this site.

  • Russ

    Wack as fuck

  • Brooklyn Resilience

    Whoever said “the obvious voice” is absurd. I was waiting the whole time to see this dude. I didn’t know and had to assume that the voice was his for the goat.

    People amuse me with the whole “sell out” shit. Perhap’s directing is something he alway’s has been interested in and not just rapping? I seen a video he directed for a song of his and the shit was pretty dope.Bonkers to say the least. Why do people have to “pick” something when they may be creative in alot of way’s?

    Besides, ya’ll can convince me you wouldn’t jump up and seize the opportunity if it was available to you. People don’t get into the entertainment industry to remain broke as fuck but at least they’re “keeping it real” to a few folks. “Keeping it real” doesn’t put money in your pocket. You can’t tell me there isn’t plenty of hard work that goes into what people do in the entertainment industry. Shit,if I had the opportunity, I would snatch and FUCK the rest of ya’ll who would later say “she sold out”!

    My response would be “Label me what YOU wan’t! I give a dayum! My future is secure financially,I get to be creative,I get to be around other’s who are creative and live a pretty interesting and crazy ass life”…”So scream at your monitor’s people and talk about me all the more, your judgement’s and critique’s on blogs will only put more money in my pocket at the end of the day”……

    And for those of you who say “So money is that important to you”? I say slap yourself without further delay. What a stupid stupid fucking question.

    *Court Ajourned*

  • Brooklyn Resilience


    “Ya’ll CAN’T convince me you wouldn’t jump up and seize the opportunity”

  • End

    ^stopped reading when you said you couldn’t tell the voice was Tyler. What are you, retarded?

  • I respect tyler getting his directing in. I didnt like the first one, but the second got me some chuckles. Need some refinement but kudos

  • JOHNYblaze

    Industry bullshit niggas are retardedly talenented musically.

    They are nerdcore meets Morgana wannabe shit as if hes starting a genuine movement but its clear some elite JEWs are pushing for them, only fans I know of them having is young grungy slash emo kids who hang with similar oreo rejects!

  • JOHNYblaze

    *nirvana instead or Morgana

  • tucq

    Cosign @ Brooklyn Resilience

    I agree with you. A lot of people say things about what this is or what that is just 2 put somebody down. And ain’t nothing wrong with gettin paid. I’ve been an Artist for many years, and believe me, there is no better feeling than somebody paying u 4 your Art.

  • Slowpoke

    this ad > your favorite rappers career

  • mac DIESEL

    @ YN Cornbread

    You shoulda believed. Shoulda showed up. Shoulda supported. Oh well, you lose. They’ll never ever take my #CRWN. Ha!



    ……….HA!!!! U PLAYED YASELF OLD MAN!!!!


  • Damn

    That last ad is kinda too far. Not funny, just wrong, really. I’m surprised Mt. Dew is ok associating themselves with that.

  • CJ

    The last one got me weak

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