• Black Shady

    this song is my shit. sounds more like the JT from his last album than suit and tie

  • White Shady

    agreed black shady

  • LOL

    a non hip hop album that could clearly be this year’s best album of 2013. where’s the major hip hop joints at?

  • Tef

    Damn, this nigga almost tore the roof off that place by simply sittin’ in a box. You can’t hate his grind.

  • ShamGAWD

    Never seen so many milfs go crazy over an artist since Ursher (confessions). Timberlake is on fire

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    JT da GAWD

  • freeze

    i dont think nobody else this year will do numbers like timberlake

  • ColeWorld401

    No one will do numbers like timberlake except timberlake, he releasing pt 2 at the end of the year

  • Evil

    This song is great,reminds me of What Goes Around fromhis first solo album,which is also a good song.
    Performance was great as always.

  • Majesty

    @ Evil

    What goes around comes around was not off his first solo album sucker