• Nigga stay going in

    Loch Afro American Horror Story Hosted by @DJDooWop http://piff.me/d91349e via @DatPiff

  • Shny

    The Moses line cubs fitted was from when he first got signed bak in the day check out his G5 mixtape.

  • MAG

    he can flo unanimously but can he make a hit record, and if he have made a hit maybe i havent had a chance to hear it yet.

  • just a hip hop fan

    never paid attention but the kid is nice

  • JustMyOpinion
  • Joe

    los is TOO NICE. get away from diddy

  • @BlueScalise

    Baltimore stand up…and yes.. Get away from Diddy ^^^^^

  • RAF

    woow nigga snapped

  • FTW

    I purposely addressin, niggas looking for direction.

    Yep, he blacked out.

  • HK

    Los = Beast

  • It’s the roc


  • Novakaine

    That disappointed joint he just drop was hard that plus this im prolly finna cop the album

  • vurbz

    Dude just had a kid…i can see the hunger..the desire to feed that child is burning in his eyes…that was the hottest spittage i have seen in a while

  • EricDean

    Dope. Why have I never heard of him before? If he elevates his content and production, he could be up there with Kendrick Lamar, he’s just as talented. But his affiliation with Diddy makes him look corny, for whatever reason.

  • Parker

    Dope. Never heard of dude but after that I’m downloading that mix tape, nigga snapped on the mic

  • Duke is nice hands down hit me for beats @ONEMANBEATS http://www.OneManEnt.com BEAT LIBRARY

  • Black Shady

    never bothered with this kid…but that shit was sick