• warlord

    Youuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnng Nigga

  • StarFox64

    now if only any white rapper could come out that is as appealing to the masses..

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Will this nigga get the fxck off Eminem’s nuts!?

  • Obama

    So while Yelawolf grows a homeless person beard and turns into a self destructing full blown alcoholic loser, MGK is quietly gaining fans, improving his skills and getting more grounded. Who knew this dude would end up being 1000% better than Yelawolf?! I WAS a fan of Yelawolf and hated on MGK but he’s clearly the one who will have lasting power in the industry, where Yelawolf will either overdoes like a loser, or just fizzle out quick. He’s too caught up with his bullshit image. Definitely something to be said for having a strong team around you to guide you through this industry.

  • blackJew

    Eminem Finally signed a new artist the new nas –

  • Black Shady

    He’s dickriding one of the GOATs…..nothing new here

    SHADY 2013! Bout to MURDA THE CHARTS

  • LIMB0

    I can understand the loose yourself I guess but how are you gonna spit a battle verse from a movie?

  • Love Jones

    In the case of white rappers, Logic is the next to blow. #YoungSinatra

  • The Wise

    Yelawolfs a beast ^ u fucking dumb…mgk doesnt even have the ability to make half as decent music as him! Did u not hear trunk muzik 2 hes created his own lane ! So fuck off mgk stans

  • Smokey

    Yelawolf will always be better than mgk, so will bronson. That dude logic can be better than all of them, but will never be better than Mac miller. And none of them will ever touch em.

  • Rockradar

    Realest shit ive ever read

  • zeee

    “I’ll use black music so selfishly, and use it to get myself wealthy” EMINEM

  • Black London

    @ Smokey, @ The Wise and @ Love Jones…

    Logic is NOT white.

    He has said it in many of his tracks, stating that he is mixed.

    Half Black half white.

  • @Lmao

    MGK will only last because he’s got Diddy behind him. Mac Miller, Logic, and Yelawolf will last because they have actual talent. MGK too but not nearly and he tries the ghetto act to much. If Yelawolf was gonna fall off do you think Em would have signed him? “Dre stamped me now I’m stamping Yelawolf”-Eminem “Slaughterhouse-Our House” Shady Records taking over. Anyone notice how Wayne don’t rap nearly as much these days?

  • Follow Me On Twitter @iCardsFan502

    I like to see these young bucks pay homage. Good shit.

  • The Wise

    @Smokey Dont ever compare mac miller to yelawolf again..u fuckin sicken me!

    Logic is fuckin wack along with the rest of this 2013 xxl cover ! Rap is gettin worse by the year

  • TheDonDadda

    MGK needs so much attention!!! He was talking all kinds shit on bootleg kev. Dude even went in on XXL & the freshmxn class SMH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leKoMaYTa0E