• Slim Baller

    I’m assuming the production is weak on this, just like all Los projects but ill check it out.

    I bet we won’t be seeing a new Los song for 2 years. He goes and hibernates, releases a mixtape, them goes and hibernates for another year.

  • ajsea

    The production is straight on here. The song with Pusha and Gotti is fire!

  • pptheactualtruth

    snor.. sorry for hating.. sounds like a lyrical better(and sometimes trying to sound smart so he actually sounds stupid/simple) wiz Khalifa.. Rap has turned to pop.. They find mimicking acts to make the money while they can and kids eat it up.. Thank god i am not just now getting into rap music or havent been having to listen to this shit for the past 5 years now turning 18-21ish thinking that wiz mac miller macklemore(mainly lesbians and fags listen to it) tyga tunechi(i wont say lil wayne since lil wayne actually had good music tunechi is this pop nonsense created by faggot men and 13 year old girls) umm who else sucks thats new…

    You kids are lucky J. Cole is new.. He saved a lot of shit from sounding stale..

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  • @pptheactualtruth their are a lot of good rappers out their besides Cole.

  • TUV

    This nigga killin shit…. Sheeesh! Needs to work on branding himself a little more, but he killin these verses for real.