• wellsfool

    Bravo!! Young sir bravo! Props on postin all 6 Live In Concert samples. When I 1st heard the EP I was highly pissed off & disapointed, but I was also sober. After burin thru a couple of J’s & ridin wit it in the Lac I realized this tape is the shit! (Also props on goin back & postin the live version of “Maine on Fire” sample. I peeped that too lol) Keep up the good work dawg “Breaks” is propably one of the dopest features on RapRadar. Tho it may seem to get overlooked & be underappreciated, I’m always checkin 4 it & It’s always rewarding when u figure out where the sample comes from. #Dopeshit

  • Realist

    @wellsfool you said whats on my mind. you guys keep it up!

  • Can someone please tell me the sample in this record? It’s a regional hit in my area but I can’t tell what the sample is https://soundcloud.com/timmcqueen/skip-lighty-1ntro