• Lil Majer The Cartune

    VERY SHOCKING/SURPRISING PICTURE! O.o I wonder what’s to make of this!

  • Scooby Doo

    Alright alrighty alriiiiiiighht

  • Gary Paulson

    Please ….God … No Mr. Porter produced tracks …

  • Musikal

    The D united.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Big Seans dream come true

  • The Wise

    This is the shitt i wanna see..great music being made!!!!!


    YOOO thats big Big Sean.

  • jobie

    Where yeezy??

  • Oh shit, them 3 is gonna be a problem.

  • SoloK

    @Gary Paulson
    Mr Porter makes some dope beats! the fuck you talkin’ bout willis!?

    I can’t wait to hear some new music from Em! my Ipods been hungry since Kendricks album dropped!

  • weedhead



    What solo K said.

  • HOVA

    Eminem – God of Rap Music.

  • peter pan

    big seans kinda wack! but still looking forward to some new em. they shoulda got danny brown and jon connor in there as well.

  • Devante

    Mr. Porter one of the best out there, TF is he talking bout

  • Dr. Dre

    Omgg! Crazy shit. excepting something legendary!

  • PistolPistol

    Lot of hate on porter.. Never understood it, he’s talented..
    Big Sean looms tiny as fuck though ?

    … NEW EM!!!!! Come on Marshall drop some info

  • PistolPistol

    Saw Ems name and squirmed like a school girl. Couldn’t open link quik enough… Fuck tard. Hahah

  • Oz

    This what artists (eminem , dr.dre ,pharelle, jay-z) who can no longer create excitement for thier new music because they essentially suck now do. Studio Instagrams

  • LOL

    big sean is wack

  • JHP

    @Oz Jay-Z’s gonna do at least 400k the first week, and Eminem’s gonna do anything from 600k-1Mill the first week, like they always have. Open Letter got over 130 comments on this website, was trending on twitter and even yahoo. The white house responded to, and it sparked political debates among some. Eminem could drop an album with little promotion and no single and it’d still probably go gold in a week. You really think they can’t generate excitement for their music? And Pharell and Dre are producers anyway, even though “Get Lucky” did shoot to the top of itunes

  • Nice

    damn so Sean finally got to play hall of fame for shady! dream come true. IDK if they collabed but I wouldn’t be surprised if a song came out because of this but only time will tell.

  • i knew it was only a matter of time before detroit’s finest would hook up with feminem

  • Newyorknickkk

    We need some new music that’s actually good..these guys can make something worth listening to..

  • Black Shady

    King Mathers !!! Bow down……………

    2013 is ours

  • what’s up with that?

    wow it’s actually unbelievable how many dbags there are out there not knowing what they are talking about…all im gonna say is (no dickriding here but…) Eminem’s 8th studio album is going to be thee greatest album in the past TWO decades. prove me wrong.

  • Oz


    yeh i’m fans of all of them i don’t doubt they will do numbers (you too infatuated with the fucking numbers* kendrick lamar voice) but c’mon compare eminems last say 10 verses with his earlier stuff the difference in skill is vast, a fucking abyss same with jay, dre never puts shit out, i keep waiting for that eminem of old to return but each verse i hear i’m coming to terms with it might not happen the last glimpse of that eminem was on relpase – underground

  • jose

    So much respect to the legend marshall matters,one of the best rappers in all the times.

  • DJ

    I need to know the outcome of this ASAP!!

  • JamesBond

    One word: Legendary. And Em i am patiently waiting for your 8th studio album. I am positive its going to be a classic.

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga

    Big Sean, eat a hamburger nigga lol. But bitches like that anorexic shit lol. Anorexic ass nigga. Oh gawd.

  • StarFox64

    c’mon man

  • StarFox64

    im praying this is for big sean’s album..and not ems

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this looks liek it could be huge…

  • @Lmao

    @oz you dumbfuk, Em’s last album was the best. You must be to ignorant to realize his lyrics and metaphors. Plus he’s not on drugs anymore. You will never hear the old Marshall again. Do some thinking and realize he is not the kid he once was. He’s older and wiser. Family, real music and being respected is all that is on his mind. He will always be remembered as the greatest rapper, MC, whatever the fuk you want to call it. G.O.A.T., King of Hip-Hop. Tiger Woods of Rap. Even Wayne knows it. Shit i think he disrespected Em just so Em would have to come back out and murder the game. Bet you’ll call me a dickrider and i’m only saying that cause i’m white or some shit. Go hop on your numbers bullshit. Shady Clique

  • dsunn723

    this is gonna be the big transition for big sean

  • Joeyo

    Big Sean sucks dick, he shouldn’t be anywhere close to Em or Royce. GTFO

  • Evil

    Yes! EM is on his way back you fuckers.Get ready!
    Cant wait to hear some new EM shit.
    Gonna be dope.

  • lol lil sean looks so outta place and his gonna sound even more outta place smh

  • Greggsybabe

    Sean gon’ have to step his lyrics up 100 times to live with those beasts on a track

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    This is only relevant because of the European American Rapper labeled the “great White hope”. The Power Of the White Man. If M & M was “Chocolate Covered” he would just be another Royce Da’ 5’9. FACT! That cracker is not Top 5.

  • Lol

    So many stans on here. Of course eminem is gonna sell. He’s one of the most respected and talked about rappers in the game. I’m a big eminem fan but not a dickrider. I can’t listen to his music anymore, it’s too generic. Recovery was poppy TRASH. All I can do is listen to his old shit and remember what he once was. Wish the best for him, but you Stan’s need to get off his dick and realize his music is trash now.

  • Psychoboy has a point.


  • fight music

    hope its like “My Own Planet feat big sean’

    and eminem on his d12 flow

  • MadShot

    Oh come on Em ! Big Sean ? 7 years ago, you would have dissed a nigga like him ? C’mon, get your shit together.

  • B

    @ Oz

    hahaha. dude your fukcing lost.


    @ Madshot

    your fuckin right man. its kinda sad to see this. em just aint as hungry anymore, and he might have a little respect for big sean cuz he from the D, but you right man, back then big sean would have to go get a 9 – 5.

  • AlreadyKnow

    @Oz Ems last 10 verses were all dope as hell. That bad meets evil p was a serious problem, and recovery was great. Yeah, underground is some raw shit. One of his best sober songs. But have you not heard the untitled track from rdcovery? Have you not heard above the law? Step your knowledge up before you run your mouth on here. Smh.

  • 7 Mile Style

    Big Sean is garbage. Doughboyz Cashout run Detroit!

  • Bill

    This is the first time I’ve seen Em in different clothes since 2010

  • Eminem support

    People attempting to rag on Eminem need to be quiet. Shame that someon who is so wack did what you still struggle with and man’d up. Eminem is mature now, no more talk of cutting off nipples, sniffing drugs, or banging peoples moms. It was cool back in ’99, but now it’s played.

    You’re probably listening to Recovery right now and you’ll buy Eminem’s next album. Own up to it and move on.

  • acidrap

    sean weak as hell. this gonna be a pop track fo sho.

  • T

    trade big sean for xzibit

    that be crazy

  • T

    royce going be on his whack flow

    he gotta flow like he did on Royce Da 5’9 – One For The Money (Feat. Skillz & Diamond D)

  • brza

    Em working with Big Yawn? Boo.

  • KillaTesh

    Cosign w/ T. We need a new Em/Xzibit song bad

  • JamesBond

    The problem with people like OZ and Hiphop is alive/lol cos i know u all are the same people using different names is that u guys are still stuck on the Eminem Show. How old were u guys then? i was in high school then but now i am working. Ofcourse i dont expect to hear childish talks from em anymore so i appreciate all the Recovery talk. its either u guys are dwarfs unable to grow or u got benzino ears. Yes Encore was not ok but listen to Recovery. To top it off he brought Bad Meets Evil which i consider as an album cos it is better than most and it is extremely lyrical. Where have your ears been? still in the 90,s singing my name is. As for mr Hiphop is alive, your name should be Hiphop is dead cos u sound confused. Em doesnt get the hype cos he is white u idiot. He gets it cos of his personality, lyricism and emotional lyrics. Back in the day it was his persona slim shady that caught majority of the public. Now he does not need it anymore cos those who were with him understand him now and are even more interested with the emotional side of rap than the play side. it was not that Relapse was bad, it was great. Problem was those of us who were with him since he started had grown and could not really connect with the concept but the lyrics were a 110 percent and i appreciated that. But on Recovery it had it all. So thank me for updating u on how the music of em has evolved.

  • Trapgod

    Some of y’all niggas are dumb, Royce and Sean already have a track together, they’re homies, bringing em in, who Royce is signed too, wouldn’t be that hard. But this shit better be fire if they made a track

  • dll32

    Dope, boi!!

  • fo real

    as the rock would say FINALLY!!!

  • slaughter

    this is what happens when bad meets evil

  • Stupid

    Some nigga said “no more mr porter production”

    I suggest you pick up recovery and play On Fire…

    Dude goes hard when he wants to

  • West West Yall

    GAWD DAAAAYUM. EMINEM gon make big sean look his size lol small as hell. EM is w/ out a doubt the biggest and illest of all time. TIME NGGA TIME! Cant wait for this. Em Royce Kon Artis and Big .THIS SHIT GON BE HOT! Hope its on Ems new album

  • Bangers N Mash

    Those 3 with Porter producing is something I would want to hear. Make it happen.

    It’s so cold in the D.

  • Oz


    @Lmao says:
    Saturday, April 27 2013 at 4:09 AM EST

    @oz you dumbfuk, Em’s last album was the best. You must be to ignorant to realize his lyrics and metaphors.


    AlreadyKnow says:
    Saturday, April 27 2013 at 9:50 AM EST

    @Oz Ems last 10 verses were all dope as hell. That bad meets evil p was a serious problem, and recovery was great.


    B says:
    Saturday, April 27 2013 at 9:49 AM EST

    @ Oz

    hahaha. dude your fukcing lost.

    now guys no need to get emotional i am betting you are all like 18 years old and weren’t around for the first 3 albums, if you think recovery is his best album mannnn i just want to slap youon behalf of hip hop, i’m a huge em fan but recovery doesnt touch his earlier stuff he uses one delivery and flow through out doesn’t have the concepts punch lines or impact of any of his earlier songs even he knows that he dissed recovery on his last verse with 50 and his dissed relapse and encore twice i would say you dudes are lost stop being stans c’mon son listen to the patterns on till i collapse or soldier or the concepts on MM LP and SH LP slap your self fool

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