New Music: Beyoncé x Andre 3000 “Back To Black”


Earlier tonight, DJ Mark Ronson premiered Bey & Dre’s cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black” on his East Village Radio show.  The track appears on The Great Gatsby soundtrack which is executive produced by Jay-Z and will be available on May 7th.


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  • ooweee

    Tell to suck my

  • Leon Sandcatle

    ^ this

    annoying as fuck.

  • Big Al

    What does this british fuck know about Chopped and screwed??? Honestly!

  • Sample

    This shit sucks

  • ridge


  • Flo Jo

    Original is waaaaayyyyyyy better. 3000 need to stop bullshittin and make an album

  • Shipwreckdakota

    yeah fuck the eastvillageradio thing. that ruined the whole song.

  • sPaWnY

    best song of the year tbh

  • They need to stop bull;shitting and drop that $100 Bill track.


    wow sucks. i never heard of them before, but now i hate their guts.

  • dsunn723

    this joint got real flavors

  • foekist

    wic wic wack

  • J UK

    That’s what the GOAT (arguably) is doing these days?!

  • Demond

    I absolutely love this song, but the people at East Village Radio should Fuck off & Die!!

  • YO!!

    You fuck the song up by you keep plugging East village radio .com!!! Damn we get it already

  • Chi on the move. Produced by Hollywood Holt.

  • Been waiting on this shit.

  • Black Shady


  • The Thinker


  • LuxuryRap

    Do all those drops make you wanna visit

  • StarFox64

    this beat is wavy though..

  • .

    God this is terrible.

  • Space Ghost

    So trancey….so dope. Minus the East Village Drops.

  • JDot

    This might be a good record. But who the fuck knows with that lame drop every 2 seconds. Let the shit breath man.

  • Cemal

    On the cover beneath the TS of gatsby, does it say JZ for Jay-z??

  • Homie

    ^^^thats a good eye Cemal…and every one resist the mind control to go to that website that keeps getting repeated

  • Spirit Equality

    Andre, you can’t sing, bro. Knock it off.

    If D’Angelo started rapping, I’d tell him to cut it out too.

    People need to stick to their strengths.

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    This shit is dope. But East Village Radio can fuck off.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (1) Mann you n^ggas need to step outside of the boxes you live in and venture to some new places or read a f^cking book. You on here sh^ttin’ on EVR, half of ya’ll don’t know what it is and to think Elliott’s Keep It Thoro is done there. Shows how much you pay attention. (2) The Great Gatsby is regarded as a classic American novel. The film is an on screen adaptation of it obviously. Did you think the copyright holders where just going to let a song from the soundtrack fly online so you heathens can download it and not protect their intellectual property? C’MON SON! Please believe EVR probably had to put drops on it just for y’all to have the privilege of listening to it. (3) How is the drop any different from a Flex bomb or a Mike Will Made It tag? It’s for protection and branding. Why you smart dumb n^ggas acting brand new?

  • bucks eat a dick dammit!

  • phill’sbestkept secret

    this song is another poor attempt to try and find a lane in people minds to believe there’re making great music. bottom line this is trash and they should have stop the release of this.