• The Facade

    Yeah BDot somebody definitely should have shot this down. This type of music is not good for society. Can’t wait until you post the next MMG freestyle or VLOG.

    • B.Dot

      The song has good intentions. The music sucks.

  • mmg lol facade is whats wrong with the world great song. father daughter team with message and talent. bdot a sucker for comment change the society and world with real organic music

  • rahrahrah

    My chune! Big up to Snoop for this.

  • King

    @B.Dot the music definitely doesn’t suck its just mediocre

  • gods child

    snoooooooop let the haters hate you doinn ur thang spread peace not ignorance

  • Javi

    Real talk this performance sucked balls. But honestly the record is pretty tough. love the studio version. Props to snoop. Good song.

  • Original Ty

    Really??? Come on now I think some of y’all just like to berate B Dot and YN, which is your privilege, but this song is really bad. I appreciate the positive message but that doesn’t salvage the song.

    Too bad he didn’t decide to bring some of this positivity while he was still musically relevant.