Big Pun On Capital Punishment

Today marks 15 years since Big Punisher dropped his classic debut, Capital Punishment. MTV dug in their vaults and unearthed film of him speaking on going platinum, his weight, and comparisons to B.I.G. Big Pun Forever!

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  • wellsfool

    I forgot about serena altschul that bitch was fly…I was too stuck on ananda lewis back then tho..then it was that bitch nick lashay married from trl, lol bck when mtv showed videos n had anchors n vj’s n shit & people actually knew what the term VJ meant

  • Devastation Inc.

    Big Pun was a Bad Man! One of the best debut
    albums ever.

  • mike

    God bless the dead

  • JustMyOpinion

    It goes without saying, Pun was lyrically talented, but between him and B.I.G they had personality. It showed in the jokes (definitely their music) they told, they weren’t caught up in being “cool.” They were themselves.

  • LOL

    Big Pun the greatest ever

  • agrippagodson

    Dude beat his wife. He was a pussy and a coward

  • Kemosabi

    ^ granted but chill on judging dead men one day we’ll all be in that boat

  • illmatic-m

    Could of been god mc

  • jose

    Big pun was a genious,this album is a fuck classic,one of the best albuns ever.big pun is one of the best rapper in all the times,hip hop misssed you pun and yours fans too.
    I listening pun all the times.Rip big punisher.

  • Pun is Deathfintlly in the Top 5

  • Excellent post.

    “I was hot at the Amoco”

  • jose

    my top 5:
    1 2pac
    2 notorious b.i.g
    3 big pun
    4 eminem
    5 nas

  • PistolPistol

    Packin the Mac in the back of the Ac, Packin the Mac in the back of the Ac, Packin the Mac in the back of the Ac… Packin in the Ac

    Haahaaaaa !!! Shit was a banger for sure

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