• The best

    Chi town stand up

  • dave

    my nigga chance did it again

  • Austin

    Chance.. The rapper!!

  • NYC

    This chance nigga is corny as fuck.

  • Cruel Thing

    He used a Camry in his video hahaha

  • dsidhs

    word on the street is he’s signing to TDE…


    This nigga Chance too fuckin ill

  • Trust me when I say dude’s got next.

  • StarFox64

    “word on the street is hes signing to TDE”, thats gnna magically make him dope

  • dll32


  • Top Dawg Under

    No he is not signing to TDE

  • Nic

    Get Hip

  • Dope

  • hiiipowerbish

    always liked him since i heard him in the gambino song, song is dope…