Obama’s DJ Khaled Intro; Jokes On Jay-Z

President Obama held his annual White House Correspondents Dinner last night in our nation’s capital. After being introduced by “Hail To The Chief”, he dropped the beat and played, “All I Do Is Win”.  Funny stuff. Later on (4:12 mark), he cracked a joke about Jay-Z’s trip to Cuba.

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  • Bdot please please PLEASE read what you post. Your 1st sentence doesnt even make sense. If hip hop is dead its because of misrepresentation. *sigh

    • B.Dot

      Huh? I think you need rosetta stone, bro

  • Ha! Lol. Obama is so down 2 earth. Glad he’s serving our country! http://yodonbleekraps.com/

  • ^ dont play me u fixed it.

    • B.Dot

      the post is untouched, fam.

  • What a time we live in.this is too cool
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  • mac DIESEL

    dj Cognac

    Bdot please please PLEASE read what you post. Your 1st sentence doesnt even make sense. If hip hop is dead its because of misrepresentation. *sigh



    ……HA!!!! STAY UP BRIAN!!!!


  • Black Shady

    Obama is too cool

  • mac DIESEL

    I’m just playing B.dot

  • Kemosabi

    The envy is so easy to spot

  • mike S

    For real though b. dot, you should learn to write correctly when your work centers on communication in the form of writing. This is how the first sentence should read:

    Obama hosted the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner last night in our nation’s capital.

    Also, for future reference, the punctuation goes before the quotation. “Example.”

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ SMH

  • best president ever. what a badass.

  • Yeezus Christ

    ^ grammar faggots

  • I won’t get into conspiracy theories. I’ll simply smile and nod at the Hip-Hop intro and the joke he made about switching things up on the 2nd term. Some presidents like Jelly Beans and some like Ginger Ale. This one just happens to like Hip-Hop. When it comes to all those things….so do I. Let’s not be fooled though– as politicians, that’s about all they could ever have in common with me.

  • @Lmao

    Lol i love all the brainwash this country has manipulated y’all into believing. Call me a conspiracy theorist because y’all are to ignorant to see the signs in front of you. Christian? The man just laughed in your face when he said “not the strapping young muslim i useto be” fucking retards. It’s an illusion they are playing. Dumbing you down. While y’all are going crazy because everything crashes, i’ll be sitting back somewhere in the country ready to take aim at any mutherfucker coming around my land. Sit back and enjoy this while you still can dumb folks….

  • mike

    Fuck em’ b-dot….my president is black and can rib on Jayz

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    khaleds probably sitting back in his chair thinking ‘I FINALLY MADE IT WE THE BEST FOREVER’

  • assmaster

    lets get real here. now people say hes my president or whatever. but really are they saying that because hes the first and only black president to date? is that really what you want him to be known as? malcom x was known as more than just being black. obama is leading this country to shit. his decisions are selfish, his plans suck. and he should be fired. but all people in the hoods care about is hes the same color as him. yet he dont act like you guys, he doesnt dress like you guys, he speaks proper english. and i bet if you were in a restaurant where he was at before he became president and you were a hood n#@@a and spoke to him, he would ignore your ass and act like he didnt know you. so wheres the “hes my president” now? exactly. he needs impeached and we need a real leader in there, someone whos going to make strides, and someone who cares how hes looked upon, and not just someone your going to remember for a skin color.

  • Hip-Hop Kevin Bacon

    @assmaster, What exactly was Malcolm X known for, other than being pro-black? Don’t get me wrong, we know more about him now that movies and books have been published concerning his life for the “X”. The difference between the 2 black men is that Malcolm’s agenda was centered around blacks and Obama’s agenda HAS to be centered around the Nation. He can’t just be a black president, he has to be the President. Malcolm X could propose a plan to his “people” and encourage them to execute it much more freely than Obama could ever do. It’s called checks and balances. The opposition President Obama has faced is unprecedented! “Lets get real here,” most of it stems from him being Black. IMO, he’s handled the backlash from detractors, Republicans, and his own “people” with grace. Let us not forget what happen, when Malcolm took on a different stance than that of his “people”…

  • Devante

    Sadly he won a lot of young black votes because he threw around a few rappers names…

  • DeadPrez

    Every young white kid I know has a more genuine connection to Hip Hop culture than this motherfucker.. You REALLY think this dude listens to fucking rap music in his spare time?!?! People have completely lost the ability to see what’s real when it’s right in their face.. Everybody just wants to buy the story.. It’s not about conspiracy, patriotism, republican, democrat.. It’s ALL a game…

  • dll32

    How could you not like this guy ?!

  • DeadPrez

    I’m also mentally retarded

  • DeadPrez

    ^^ Exactly.. Good little children…

  • Megamind

    Peace y’all watch out for people like @assmaster…this is clearly a lemming.
    A person who is NOT Black/African-American or a minority. So he comes to plant the seed of resentment. Let me tell y’all about H.E.L on earth. I don’t know what y’all believe be both H.E.L/Hells are real…one earth, it’s Hatred.Envy.Lust, the other is evident in any spritual text.

    This cat @assmaster said Obama don’t speak like us, dress like us, etc. How is he suppose to act/dress, etc?? Please let me know. This cat is trying to separate things. WE ALL SEE how they treat and accept Pres Obama…its forced interaction…They have to respect it. What kills me though are our own not even recognizing that at least he recognizes the culture.

    Be clear…and this isn’t on some racist ish bc people are people…but the same way they always try to say “not all muslims are terrorist, but all terrorist are muslim”…it can be spinned “no all white people are racist, but when some racist ish goes down…they are the perpertrators”

    I had to air my grievances bc the mob will turn on you in a minute and a lot of cats are “plants” they come in here to sow the seeds of division. If anything y’all need to be worry about “who’s stealing the soul” – Old PE song “Who Stole The Soul”….i/e Macklemore, JT, Adele, Eminem, Mac. This is NOT a not on them as artists bc i’m a bit fan of Em and JT…BUT the powers that be will have you all really thinking these are the saviors of our culture. No knock to Em…but he ain’t and never have been better than Nas, Jay, Big or Pac…or a host of others…to narrows of content. Adele is dope too…but y’all bag on Beyonce and she is one of the few artist who CAN sing and dance at the same time. But i realized when it looks easy to do, people trivalize.

    In closing, stay focused! I’m down with the President, progression, peace and paper!…oh and coochie! LOL! one y’all!

  • @Lmao

    Niggas like you kill me. If the government decided to really take over this country and enslave everybody, whatever gun you got ain’t gonna matter.

    Back when this country was first built and the British were a threat to come over here, the right to bear arms meant something because everybody essentially had the same weapons. So a fucking musket might’ve prevented some shit. Now? Nigga please, they’ll roll a tank right down your block and you won’t do shit because you can’t do shit. You and nobody else in this country…

  • Dwight

    friggin awesome!

  • LA

    He killed it.

    Great comic timing for a politician.

  • Loved it! The President entertained. Brilliant Humor.