New Kanye West Album Complete?

Kayne West And Kim Kardashian Sighting In New York City - April 23, 2013

Word on the curb is that Kanye West’s sixth solo album is finished. According to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg (and a Mole), Yeezy held a listening for the suits at Def Jam last week. Peter says the music’s dark, but only time will tell if it actually sees the light of day.

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  • COOL..

    cant wait YEEZY >>

  • Post no billz

    Yeezy season is here.. excited to hear the new music.. get em ye

  • Yeezus Christ


  • Rick Ross Tittie

    INB4 ktt bitches about not getting credit for an interview they didn’t even do lol

  • StarFox64

    breaking news

  • dll32

    some new shit for the summer!

  • Pardonmyswag

    Yeezy season is here… BANG BANG

    Thank god it’s about time to shake up hip hop and the world

  • Nick

    no way in hell this will be on the same level as his last solo album…can’t expect for it to be either, MBDTF is almost flawless

  • Sylvs

    Cannot wait!

  • the brain trust

    Woo! Yeezy season has returned

  • Pardonmyswag

    Honestly I don’t think anything is gonna be better than MBDTF… But this is kanye and he always re-invent himself and bring something fresh.

  • Megamind

    Actually, it’s not dark…it’s a mix of this new school electro Trap, some singing stuff ala 808s and some MBDTF

  • Honestly

    I love how it ain’t come out yet y’all know it won’t be better then MBDTF, a classic no doubt but to say that is to say you’ve seen everything kanye has to offer. I for one believe the best has yet to come ….. My opinion thou

  • Da Crow

    The music is dark??…but Daft Punk confirmed working with him on a least 2 tracks….and Daft Punk is as far from dark as it gets….(shrugs)


    How is it that you guys criticize music that you haven’t even heard yet?? Why all the negativity?? So far Kanye is 5 for 5 on his albums. Yes even 808’s and heartbreak! Don’t act like that wasn’t a great album just caue it wasn’t “hip-hop”. Kanye is gona prove everyone wrong again! Get em ‘Ye!!!

  • Cyhiii!

    @Rick Ross Tittie
    Ktt goons have been deployed

  • D Twice

    One of the most creative artist of our time….None of us really know what to expect. All we know for sure is it will be different.

  • JustMyOpinion

    So……we’re getting excited because a radio personality said he heard the album, there was an interview and according to some mole? I believe it when it comes from the source.

  • dave

    No rapper gets people more excited for a album than yeezy.and im talking bout the world

  • big steve

    gonna be some more dope shit, his albums are always epic

  • Tbones

    LOL @all these “Good” music interns spamming RR cos Kanye is about to drop another egotistical/EMo LP about how KIM Kis the baddest bitch in the world and how he can get Jay the owner of Brooklyn Nets (cough cough) to drop Kris Humphries from the team only for him to sign a new deal with the team. SMH.

  • T

    bet he wont release it

    it will be another mythical hip hop album like detox

  • T

    probly rap done right

    thats why it gonna stay in the vault

  • Devante

    Anyone notice every time Yeezy drops an album rap completely changes….

  • Ramelo

    I hope it’s dope! Post 2000’s is truly going down as the dark ages of disgrace for Hip Hop. Love Hov & Ye, but both them niggas been putting out lame duck BS now for a few years. It’s all hype now, no substance. Nobody is gonna be playing MBDTF, 808’s, WTT, BP3, KC, etc… 10 years from now. It’s just not timeless music.

  • PistolPistol

    Stays losing.. Here comes Marshall…

  • king jay

    kanye always gonna deliver a good rap album 80n80s heartbreak dnt count tho that wasnt rap.. this ALBUM should be fkn crazy tho.

  • AMack

    Lol. Ya’ll ridiculous with these comments.

  • I’m definitely excited for this–I wonder how much beat-making Kanye will be handling. I hear he’s taken a major step back on that.

  • Juice

    Ramelo suck a dick. Kanye is a genius. period.

  • Track 2 Feat Ray J

    You know he has to feat. Ray Jay now!! “I hit it first is a smash”

  • HOVA



    please let it be called ‘Good A** Job’
    the sequel to graduation even though graduation had no skits