New Music: J.Cole “Cole Summer”


Few Days to finish the album then off to Mixing. Here’s some thoughts. Cole Summer.

From maintaining his bank roll to putting his momma in a new Benz, lil’ Jermaine puts it all on the table for tonight’s release. Don’t sue him, Lauryn. Born Sinner drops June 25th.

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  • Can’t wait

  • Kobe

    Cole Summer!

  • Tev Milli

    This is smooth….
    Really feelin this….
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • Westside

    This is fucking great. J. Cole is nothing but real! Can’t wait for the album!!

  • mattleezy53

    Damn Cole……this is smooth as fucc

  • Black Hank Moody

    Cant wait to hear what yall have to say about this….once again Jesus could spit a rhyme and yall niggas would still hate…close as we would ever get actually…

  • slick

    samplin lauren and cuttin her a check is some cool shit to do right now with the paper problems she got

  • Word

    Song was solid. Nothing mind shattering or earth moving. Solid track. Like a more toned by Nothing Like It I guess? Maybe not a good comparison but that’s what I thought of with the sample. Solid track though. Waiting for single #2.

  • Smokey

    Great song

  • Push For Life

    Nice track

  • Respect

    Cole boutta have the album of the year

  • Reef

    Damn Hov put him in detention! This go so hard tho. Can’t wait for Born Sinner

  • Cole Summer

  • Born Sinner is gonna be amazing, 1st power trip now this. Can’t wait til june 25th

  • nice, easy flow.

  • Romo

    Killed this shit …

  • daffysciw

    Woooo 5/28 I’m in there.

  • Josh T

    Cole World!

  • Cole is the fuckin man.

  • chasee

    smooooth with bars for days

  • Reny

    Boy got bars. if this isn’t on the album, call me that hypebeast, im already calling it a classic. Kanye shurg.

  • Playboy69

    WOW!….J.Cole words play are clever… Hot track!…Can’t wait for the album cuz he is lyricists.

  • ayyeee

    Too dope

  • Da Business

    Vibin’ to this…

  • The Truth Hurts

    Great song but don’t jump the gun about Born Sinner. I loved his 1st album but a lot of people didn’t, they felt like it wasn’t of the same standard as his mixtapes. J. Cole seems like he wants everyone to judge Born Sinner and his released music separately because he always stating that his released music does not have anything to do with his 2nd album. So judge Cole Summer for what it is and Judge Born Sinner for what it is when it’s released on June 25, 2013. Don’t over hype the album before it comes out

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiiiccee !

  • mike

    2 for 2. So far, real good.

  • Joe


  • AMack

    Nice production Cole.

  • Set303

    This is nice…
    This year is gonna be sick. Albums from J. Cole, Jay-Z, Eminem, Pusha T, Wale, Big Sean, Fabolous, Kanye, Yasiin Bey & Mannie Fresh, Common, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, & others I’m forgetting. Shit I know everybody likes and dislikes somebody but damn as a hip-hop fan from the names I listed you gotta pick up at minimum 4 of them.

  • M.T

    Dope track. Nice and soulful. Cole never disappoints. Born Sinner will be album of the year.

  • king jay

    j cole drops music only real niggas can feel…all my 90 niggas goin get it..18 and under its prolly goin take a minute.

  • Yacht

    When he’s at his best… Speaking honestly

  • Aintnohope

    Wow…i doubted the nigga, but he’s straight up winning right now.

    Born Sinner. Album of the year.

  • R3AL


  • R3AL


  • Black Shady

    This nigga the nicest. I keep tellin u niggas

    June 25 its gonna be a problem!!!

  • DOPE

  • SayItAin’tSo

    HIP HOP!



  • Ezcomes_Ezgoes

    This shit go so hard! Cole Summer!

  • Cole World

    @Yacht I agree. When he says whatever he feels he can’t lose. I love it when he spits about current events. Also, Im noticing he’s sounding more relaxed and confident. I noticed it on Power Trip and now this. His voice doesn’t sound so forced anymore.

  • Yacht

    @Cole World/// True.

  • Smooth stuff . I agree with Cole W. Sounding very confident and relaxed. Grown as an artist.

  • ?!?!

    Zzzzz… Zzzzz… Zzzzz…
    Thank you Therapist for this lullaby.

  • DenCo

    This was powerful.
    Cole the realest rapper in the game.

  • jrak

    Cole world! gotta shoot a video 4 this 1 Born sinner!


    yeaahhh this is great cole, glad this dude is staying hungry.

  • eat a D

    The dickriding?lol smh

  • Trell

    this is the first time I didn’t see any negative comments on this site, lol but the song is dope tho

  • onenutned

    this nigga snapped on this shit…I ain’t mad at him.

  • b

    so underrated.

  • jiggaman

    j cole the realist out

  • yoyoyo

    every single one of you better go out an support the kid, i wanna see big numbers first week like 250,000.

  • Khiszer

    buy this album download it for free support true artists of hip hop

  • Khiszer


  • I mean…ehh…its aight.

  • PHREASHest

    so i listened to this shit and then i looked up at the song art and i straight died laughing!…”i told her quit your job but hold your horses//if my next album flop it’s back to the post office//both of us, shit…”…haha #dead…Cole Summer #BornSinner 8/25 legggooo!

  • the brain trust

    every single one of you better go out an support the kid, i wanna see big numbers first week like 250,000.

    Nah, Cole should be aiming for around 400,000 this go round.

    He’s in the big leagues now after all.

    Anyway, I loved how he openly shared his fears of flopping & his difficulties with Jay-Z with us.

    This was very dope. Cole World

  • rahrahrah

    Listening to it. Ya’ll are gassed. Cole is nice, but this is not his best. He better lay off his industry talk, sounding like “The Game”, with his name dropping ass. I hope this is a throwaway. It must be because of the Lauryn sample.

  • thats a honest song real dope

  • Jordan


  • Emass

    This Shit is dope as fuck!

  • K

    Dis shit drops on my B-day. Cool.

  • No

  • skinny

    So smooth…I feel like he just gave us a conversation

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    I thought ya’ll young kids didn’t like that “early 90’s soul feel” music? That it was boring and blah blah blah. I guess as long as its not an actual rapper from the 90’s that’s on the song then its ok

  • myers2


  • watchthethrone

    tooooo many classiccs #COLESUMMER

  • stephen



    J.Cole really put in work….Ready 4 the albu

  • Great Fucking Song Cole. He Never Lets A Nigga Down

    Like He Said This Is Not A Preview But Boy Did He Kill This Song


  • weedhead

    good shit. cole is the truth. I met coley cole in sweden and i told him he’s gonna be a legend. when im 40 he gon be jayz status

  • watchthethrone

    Dope shit, can’t wait for born sinner

  • Honestly

    Cole is just too real. Honesty comes off so smooth. Clever world play, real emotion. Honestly Cole is one of the best out. I don’t see how you can deny that

  • BP

    This is the first Time I’ve seen all positive comments! Cole World

  • Jax

    Cole World! Nobody flows like Cole!

  • B

    Cole World in the summer bring snow flurries. Cole got that creative freedom now. Sounds so polished now. Can’t wait for 6/25. Born Sinner, the opposite of a winner

  • Nice big up to drizzy on some mature fuck your ego shit

  • Cole is on a fucking winning streak. Incredible

  • Converse

    Amazing…nuff said #6/25

  • That Guy

    This has nothing to do with the album.
    This isn’t what we should expect from the album.
    This just is something to keep us interested. It’s a throw-away song that cole put together while taking a shit or watching Wayne’s World.
    Born Sinner will be its own animal. Hip-hop will grow because of it.

  • liko


  • liko


  • Foreign luccini

    Nice still not hot enough to cross over *ai*

  • youngtoona


  • Song is off the chain. Smooth beat, truthful story telling. I dig!