New Video: Lil’ Kim x Tiffany Foxx “Jay-Z”

Jay was probably too busy or uninterested in making a cameo. Nonetheless, Ms. Jones and her protege gather a few corporate heads and Chi Ali for the latest visual off that Yellow Tape.

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  • djfreakyty

    WTF is dis bullshit? I dont think HOV would be interested hearing dis wack shit what was lil Kim thinking about putting dis wack broad on a track!!!!! I gave my ears 2mins for it to play i didnt even have to listen to lil kims verse to kno what tha song is about not a good song maybe next time wit a better song or another female MC

  • this don’t make sense

  • DC Allstar

    You may have a shot Tiff if u cut out the wack ass ideas and listening to Ms.Kims old plastic ass

  • Dashing

    Godawful. And calling the track “Jay-z” to get attention is lame, although obviously it worked on RR. Probably wouldn’t have posted it otherwise.

  • This was cool. Kim always has bars and T.Foxx has flow, she rode the beat pretty well

  • premitive 25

    nice intro for foxx thats how you get that money for bk kim buy into the the nets too so much about bigg things .

  • BxWavy

    its not wack

  • Kemosabi

    @dashing hit it on the head. If this were called anything else literally anything else this wouldn’t have made it to RR and they know that too. But umm… Ya it’s wack.

  • Rozay

    Oh how the mighty have fallen, Lil Kim is reduced to doing this type of shit, lil Kim is dope too, the surgery and the burned bridges has really cost her.

  • Homie

    My man Chi Ali with the random hand wave

  • I hope kimmy paid Tiffany Foxx with greenbacks and not “exposure”

  • Rapfan

    This Foxx girl is whack. I agree with one of the earlier posters: lil Kim shouldn’t have had all that surgery and burned all those bridges. Her verse was nostalgic and she’ll always be, and sound like, lil Kim. She is just not a pleasant sight to behold anymore, especially knowing where she comes from.

  • Oz

    Bring back Lauryn hill why do female rappers all have the same archetype “bad bitch” carbon copy personality

  • dodo

    lil kim fell off.

  • Foreign luccini