New Video: Ray J x Bobby Brackins “I Hit It First”

After causing a shit storm a few weeks back, here’s the visual aid to Ray J’s exploits. Gee, that video model looks awfully familiar. Download the song on iTunes here.

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  • Evil

    Terrible song

  • Jdu

    Straight garbage!!!

  • LMFAO….Kanye is not gonna respond

  • Carlito R

    I’m actually embarrassed for Ray J. First of all he’s acting like a 18yrs old kid. And didn’t him & Kim break up like 10yrs ago? Come on dude move on!!! I thought this dude was a playa??? Damn at least if you’re gonna act like a lame nigga who aint use to getting good ass pussy make sure the song is at least HOT!

  • pico de gallo

    yall bullshittin, this song rides….its fucked up ..but this shit ridessss…if this was anyone else girl but Ye’s niggas would thoroughly enjoy this

  • ILLA

    Isn’t Ray J in his 30’s?

  • ILLA

    ^^^^^^^@pico de gallo.

    Yo you must be still half asleep. I understand its 9:00am so I forgive you for your crazy comment. Once you fully are awake up please listen to it again. I respect your opinion but I think you made a honest mistake co-signing this song. Doesn’t matter whos girl is talking about this song is hot garbage.

  • Tiger Tony

    News Flash……Ray J you’re not Kim’s FIRST!

  • DMVinyourchick

    This nigga ray js a bastard.

  • onenutned

    see what happen when you give a lame nigga some pussy? niggas don’t know how to act…FAIL.

  • They Hate then Delete Me

    Ray J is heart broke over Kanye getting Kim K pregnant. He was waiting for her but now realizes that she is gone for good. I feel sorry for dude. He got Kim K look a likes in the video and he acting like he’s putting number on the boards but we know those cars are rented. I guess he had to get this off his chest, or it just took him 10 years to figure out how to get paid from that sex tape.

  • Obama

    Every niggas dream.. A fucking Rolls Royce with tacky-ass neon lights all over it.. I’m literally disgusted that with everybody dying an killing over money these days, this is what a nigga spends money on when he’s got it.. Pathetic…

  • i bet he fell in love with the look a like model and cried after sex lol

  • Yeaaahhh

    Obama say that shit again.. That nigga straight disrespected the Rolls.. smh…

    Can’t lie though.. This song will be a guilty pleasure for me.. lol.. I hit i hit i hit i hit it fiirsstt.. lmaooo

  • Tell The Truth

    Not sure which is worse the song or the neon lights on the rolls! smh epic fail.

  • Horribly unclassy… Would have been the ultimate low blow if he put a pregnant Kim lookalike in the vid. Lol.

  • True life

    Yo. Am I the only one who saw the scene with two more chicks hopping on the plane looking like khloe and kourtney? Lol

  • Rob Thomas

    Lets Be Real. NICK CANNON hit it before anybody!

  • Bongo


  • BxWavy

    nigga had the fake kris humpries! lol

  • Black Shady

    LMAO I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this shitttttttttttttttttttttt. Ray J you a fool for this hahaha

    when R&B singers are more entertaining than rappers….than u know something’s wrong with the game

  • mike

    Dude gotta chill lol

  • illmatic-m

    I put that girl on.. I put her on.. I put her on on on on..

  • ShamGAWD

    To everyone saying Ray J is a lame for this just know “none of you have ever fucked a woman of Kim K’s caliber”. If you did then you would mention it. Same reason why Drake name drops “Rihanna” in songs. Y’all don’t hear me tho

  • Huh

    Why he steal Trons car tho?

  • DA Chef

    While I think Ray-J is a douchebag, he has a point. Without that vid, Kim wouldn’t be a fourth of who she is now. Plus artist have been making songs about exes in not so flattering lights since the birth of music, so why is he wrong for this? Kanye said he wanted to get Kris Humphries fired for wifing the woman he was in love with.. Hell Ye made a whole album (808’s & Heatbreaks) about his ex. Nigga, just doing what artist do, bringing their life’s story in a selected format and slandering his ex at the same damn time.


  • Rockradar

    dont like the song but in the club this makes people go wild

  • The anthem for simp niggas worldwide.

    ShamGAWD says:
    To everyone saying Ray J is a lame for this just know “none of you have ever fucked a woman of Kim K’s caliber”. If you did then you would mention it.

    SMH im so glad not to be a part of this generation

  • Tezzy P

    That rappin nigga sound like Honey Cocaine LMAO

  • Push For Life

    Heard this was the first of many more Kim K related songs to come! He’s putting out a whole album —you heard it hear first!!

  • Easton West




  • Ray J will still stand by his word and say the song wasn’t directed at Kim & Kanye…even with a look-alike in the video and everything. Smh.


  • Rick Ross Tittie

    Kanye takes a massive L for having a child with a ho …Song bumps tho Ray J taking ova

  • Kemosabi

    Stop putting pussy on a pedestal.

  • Montrell

    This dude is wild disrespectful.

  • Homie

    Stop Ray-J. Plus we all know Fab hit everything first anyway. Pretty much any chick you wanna date or marry, just already assume Fab hit that.

  • This shit is trash! 3 reasons…1 – As a man, you look desperate! You gotta find another way to revive your career. 2 – I don’t have a lot of respect for you but if you’re going to be bold enough to make this song and shoot a video for it, don’t deny who’s it’s about! Just say I f’d you chick and humped her face! 3 – Kim is winning dumbass. She got $40 mil and growing empire. Her dude is a legend in the making worth $100 mil. You’re still Brandy’s brother, hosting parties! Damn homey…

  • Devante

    Confused is this parody or Ray J actually put effort into this?

  • badger

    who da fuck ruins a rolls royce with neon lights?! what a complete utter douche. he is what is wrong with the world.

  • T


  • thatkidlerix

    “Daaaaam homie! In high-school you was the maaan, homie! What the FUCK happen to you!!”

  • Sylvs


  • TDX

    This nigga a cornball.. Any dude cosigning this has to be a even bigger lame than he is. Brandy come get your lil brother!!

  • how does kim k be of any caliber as the writer so put it a wise pimp once told me the difference between the feeling of a wealthy woman’s snapper and a broke woman’s snapper is the price you willing to pay for it in other words the quality of it might not be as different as you would believe it to be, be wise my children quality is based on the value one might place on it

  • diamonds on my blocka

    fuck i wish i hit it first

  • BK

    Nah lol fuck that but still, I can’t help but think Yeezy’s gonna snap. This was always a risk though.

  • HK

    @onenutned says: “see what happen when you give a lame nigga some pussy? niggas don’t know how to act…FAIL.”

    C/S to the fullest! This lil’ nigga’s a clown

  • ShamGAWD

    @7thEmerson you sound old as hell you little bitch. & yes kim k is a slut but she is also worth 40 mil (caliber) & sexy as fuck. If you ever left your keyboard gramps you’d potentially know what it feels like to have a shorty like that. Let alone make a sextape w an ex-gf (who we all probably hate ours) of that caliber. Think about it you mr Rogers in the neighborhood ass nigga smh I LOVE MY GENERATION

  • chasee

    the end is catchy as fuck. “I put that girl on, I put her on, i put her on on on on” holyyy

  • Dr. Lee

    This nigga is ratchet. As a man, I cannot respect that. This is plain ratchet and made mad because she is a superstar all from a home movie.

  • Dr. Lee

    DA Chef – You make a valid case. Even Adele got shine off her ex but this song and video lacks taste and isn’t true artistry. Blame Game was tastefully made and wasn’t a single. Ray J just trying to steal some of her shine and it’s pure jealously. “She moved on to rappers and ball players…” Really, Ray J!?

  • The Song is catchy yet disrespectful to the mother of Kanye West’s child. Much love for the homie Ray J but I don’t know if should have barked up this tree. Kanye is timing his response…