New EP: J.Cole Truly Yours 2


Less than 24 hours after blessing the ‘net with Cole Summer, Cole sticks to his word and delivers another series of tracks that won’t make Born Sinner June 25th. You’re welcome! Download and tracklist below.

1. Cole Summer
2. Kenny Lofton Featuring Young Jeezy
3. Chris Tucker Featuring 2 Chainz
4. Head Bussa
5. Cousins Featuring BAS
6. 3 Wishes

Download here | Alternate link via MissInfo

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  • Fitz

    Dope Shit

  • Gambino

    Chris Tucker slaps

  • K.Dot Ya Bish


  • Chronic

    real good

  • Aaron Idaho

    This is really impressive… And I thought Cole Summer was good!!
    HEAD BUSSA >>>>>

  • Jax

    Cole World!! Another hot project from Simba……whutz up with #5 not downloading though. I tried in on several different download versions.

  • kanyeezy

    Wow…this is Coles time. The revolution. Born sinner is going to be a fuckin masterpiece.

  • Joe


  • C O L E W O R L D

    Chris Tucker, Money Talks Muthafuka

  • skinny

    Cole got it right now

  • Jax

    Datpiff got the only version I found with Cousins on it, if anyone else was having trouble downloading that song.

  • Jinx

    Cole the Summer Yours!!!!!!!!!!!
    Honourable Mention TO WALE, VADO AND PUSHA T Butttt its Cole’s Summer

  • the brain trust

    @ Jax seems to be working fine for me.

    The 1st ‘Truly Yours’ was epic.

    Let’s see what Simba got up his sleeve this time….

  • Devante

    You mean to tell these are all leftovers?
    Majority of these joints are nice, can’t wait to hear the album

  • JHP

    @jax “Cousins” downloaded perfectly for me on HotNewHipHop. And this is a great EP by the way, even better than the first “Truly Yours” IMO, and the first one definitely was epic. Between these EPs and Power Trip, Cole has stayed consistent with his storytelling and lyricism this year. If these songs are what he considers freebies, then I can’t wait to hear what music he has on “Born Sinner”. Only thing I think Cole needs to do now is step his feature game up, because he hasn’t really had any of those this year, except that mediocre French Montana “Diamonds” shit

  • Josh T

    Born Sinner is going to be great. Can’t wait man.

  • B

    Checkmate Wale!

  • B

    Cole on a different level right now.

  • Word

    Fresher than a day old new born. Cole world. dope shit

  • M.T

    Truly Yours 2 is way more upbeat than the first one and has more bangers. Cole stays dropping that heat.
    Kenny Lofton>>>
    Born Sinner will be album of the year.

  • Romo

    Wow this shit better than a lot of cutz from the first album!!!

  • Black Shady

    ok he’s on his bullshit. On our way to another gold plaque (and hopefully a platinum plaque this go round)


  • chasee

    head bussaaa

  • Wo

    Wow … I knew he had it in him…

  • liko

    oooohhhhh crayyy

  • stuart scotts eye

    Fire…all tracks..crazy…wonder if he’ll drop another truly yours before the suree

  • Reny

    The Kenny Loft beat gives an automatic pug face.

  • Reny

    an then Chris Tucker fucks everybody summer like he knows this time around its to shake the shit up.

  • Cole sucks


  • Foreign luccini



    and it breaaaaakkkkksss my hearrrrttttttt

  • That Ninja

    THIS SHIT IS FIRE!!!! I’m so glad he didn’t give out any free material until the Truly Yours series.. Born Sinner will be one for the books.. I haven’t been excited about rap like this in a long time! Finally something to look forward to! #Salute

  • hs

    kenny lofton nig

  • anonymous

    All throw aways? WOW

  • Supreme

    Kenny Lofton x Head Bussa !!!!!!!

    dont wanna hear nothing

    this nigga is amazing

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The “Kenny Lofton” joint is nice. It’s got a Just Blaze production feel to it. Jeezy did his thing.

  • ddd

    Yall niggas trippin, this shit aint fire…its ehh alright

  • Da Business

    I fux w/ it… Cole World!!!

  • Canai finch is dat nigga

  • excited for 6/25.

  • King

    Head Bussa is my fav!

  • yoyoyo

    nobody fucking with king cole this year! take your crown back from Kendrick dog

  • CK

    OMG. just when we thought he was going to struggle to come back

  • His beat game is crazy….Simple yet gets you.

  • jrak



  • jiggaman

    damn coley cole on a role

    Born Sinner June 25th

    copping 5 copies this time round


    damnn cole and kendrick are them next niggas tell me nothin!

  • Facts

    I can see certain analogies to Kendrick when he was about to drop GKMC. He also released some free records right before the album dropped. Jeezy was a feature as well (“Westside, Right On Time”). Furthermore, “Swimming Pools” wasn’t a smash when it first dropped but gained hype with time passing. Same with “Power Trip”.

    With that being said, can’t wait for the album.

  • COOL..

    cool, cant wait
    R3AL HIPH0P>>>

  • DeezNuts

    okay. cole is gettin it done. he got me excited for the album.

  • Trippy Mane

    This goes

  • Musikal

    Shit is dope looking forward to the album.

  • Rozay

    This shit bangs Cole is doing what you’re supposed to do, get better, also there is a dude named Lil Dicky that has a mixtape out called so hard who is kinda nice, he may seem corny but the white boy got bars if you listen to the whole mixtape.

  • youngtoona

    cole world

  • it’s the roc

    listening to this continuously

  • Joe

    Kill em cole. Even haters starting to realise how amazing u r

  • I´ve never seen a RAPPER that has absolutely NO HATER AT all man…

    J. Cole is that nikka…

  • Shamba Menelek

    This shit is dope.. Man he gone have to throw some of these back on the album if they take off.

  • FTW

    Thanks for keeping this shit Colematic.

    Love what he did with that Cole Summer track. Caught the bass-line and organ just right.

    Shit’s Dope.


  • FTW

    With Truly Yours 1 & 2, Jermaine just gave us a great album.

    Thanks Cole.